Monday, April 1, 2013

Adyatmic discussion - 383

Trev Light Bown:- Non-duality has no place for an individualized God or anything supernatural."
This line says it all.

You have made "Non Duality" into an organization of higher spiritual "I" thinkers.
This is what the modern western Advaita Vedanta so called awake ones are doing. Anything written that does not agree with my point of view was written by duality scribes. How long before your followers would be burning believers of duality at the stake.

SK: - Agreeing and disagreeing does not yield truth. One has to get un-contradictable truth by soul-centric reasoning not by dualistic Argument. A man of truth respect every one’s views and wisdom.  A man of truth share his views as per his conviction derived from deeper self-search

A man of truth does not belong to any organization  of 'I' thinkers  or any cult or religion. A man of truth considers 'I' itself is an illusion. 

 The duality is the illusory nature of the self.   Non- duality is the real nature of the self.  The duality is product of ignorance.  We are discussing within the state of ignorance to realize the truth of our true existence.

A man of truth does not consider himself as wise and others are less wise. No one is wise or less wise in in pursuit of truth. The inner revolution starts within and ends within. A man of truth is neither a scriptural scholar nor he is a philosopher.  A man of truth is neither a teacher nor he has any teaching.  He silently works and helps the fellow seekers inspiring them guiding them towards inner reality in his own way. The scholar will remain as scholars and philosophers will remain as philosophers and intellectual remains as intellectuals arguing on their point of view. Gnani never propagates any philosophy because philosophy is nothing to do with pursuit of truth but he points out, the obstacles, which is blocking everyone’s realization.    

He respects all the sages of truth of the past. Sharing the knowledge is my only mission.  Inspiring the serious and sincere seekers of truth and divert their attention towards the inward reality is very much necessary.  And he humbly request all my fellow seekers do not hold any teacher or teaching or wise men as a yardstick and indulge in argument instead try to list out the doubts and confusion arises from that teaching or declaration and try to find answer independently on their own, which opens the inner dialogue, and the inner discrimination will start on its own in subconscious, and then the truth will start revealing on its own without intellectual spoon feeding. It is not his advice but it is his humble suggestion because the advice comes from the ego and suggestion comes from the inner core of the existence.  

There is no need to follow anyone. If one wants Brahman follow the inner guru not Hinduism.  If one wants ultimate truth follow Christ within not Christianity.  If one wants Nirvana follow Buddha not Buddhism.  By glorifying the form and name of the sages will not yield truth. Deeper self-search is needed in order to realize what is what. It is not the man who has to get self-realization but it is the self that has to realize it is not the man and the world but it is consciousness. Thus it is the self, which has urge for freedom from this illusory prison called universe or mind.  

The universe will not vanish, when wisdom dawns, only the ignorance disappears and unreal nature of the universe or mind or waking is exposed, same way as the unreal nature of the dream exposed when waking takes place. The wisdom dawns in the midst of duality because in reality there is no duality. 

Nothing is needed other than perfect understanding of what is what is needed.  
The truth cannot be experienced. Because it is prior to any experience. Experience belongs to individuality. And individuality is falsehood. There is neither individual nor his experience in reality.

Man and his experience of the world cannot exist without waking experience. Whatever we are discussing, we are discussing within the waking experience, which is mere illusion from ultimate standpoint.  Thus whatever is known, seen, believed and experienced as a person is bound to be falsehood.

The path of religion, path of yoga and path of wisdom are meant for different classes of people. Mixing up with one another is like mixing oil in water.