Thursday, May 2, 2013

Adyathmic Discussion- 413 (J.Krishnamurthy) ***

One has to renounce the three states mentally by realizing their unreal nature and cling to their formless substance and witness, which is consciousness. Consciousness is real and eternal. There is no second thing exist other than consciousness.

Strengthening his conviction about the soul, the innermost self which is present in the form of consciousness leads to Non-dualistic self-awareness.

By realizing the illusory nature of the three states, is real renunciation. Reflecting constantly on the soul, the formless witness of the three states, leads one to self-awareness. ~ Santthosh Kumaar 

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  • Carole Luby Truth is a pathless land.
  • Santthosh Kumaar :~ Many thinkers feel  J.Krishnamurti describes to perfection is the awakening to Reality—the realization that pure Consciousness alone is, that the perpetually fluctuating and evanescent contents of the mind derive from it. This awakening effectively happens in an instant. But in order for the lightning flash to take place, resulting in a firm and unshakable certitude, a long labour is necessary, which he seems to underestimate. “Truth is a pathless land” is his answer.

    Many thinkers feel J.K’s teaching seems essentially negative, a potent but bitter medicine for those imprisoned by institutional cults. He breaks the student’s bonds, but then leads him to a vast desert where he abandons him. The ultimate state of consciousness he describes is that of the traditional sage or fully enlightened being, but he does not show us the process leading to the realization of this state. He describes marvelously the goal, but does not indicate the steps to be taken: his recurring phrases "unified consciousness" and "let go" are not a road-map.
  • Carole Luby thanks. always great to hear another opinion about him
  • Carole Luby every beings path is different and when we awake to our true nature there is nothing left to teach
  • Carole Luby Who can show the process?
  • Santthosh Kumaar When one knows the seeker, seeking and his destination are created out of single stuff. And that stuff is consciousness then there is nothing to know other than the single stuff,which is ultimate truth or Brahman.