Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Advaita is the nature of the Soul, the innermost Self shines in its own its awareness when wisdom dawns*****

'To realize the Advaitic Truth a freer and fuller scope the seeker has to realize the form, time and space are one in essence. And that essence is the consciousness. And the Soul the innermost Self is present in the form of the consciousness. 

To realize the Advaitic truth the seeker has to be free from all superstitions and orthodox contaminations. The seeker has to have the dedication to acquiring the  Self-knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana alone.
A Gnani will easily appreciate the high flights of Sage Sri, Sankara’s Advaitic wisdom is one of the 'most majestic structures and valuable products of the Genius of man in his search for Truth. 

Advaita is not a theory based on religious doctrine.   Advaita is an inner revolution.  Advaita is not entertainment to please different mindset.

Advaita is universal. Advaita is not for Sale. Do not buy Advaita from the spiritual supermarket. Advaita is the nature of the Soul, the innermost Self. The world in which you exist is created out of single stuff. That single stuff is consciousness. Knowledge of the single stuff is Advaitic wisdom. 

Advaitic truth is very simple, but it is very difficult to realize because you have accumulated mental garbage from different sources in the name of Advaita. Until you discard all the accumulated knowledge you will never be able to realize the Advaitic truth, which is beyond the form, time, and space. 

The Advaita is the nature of the Soul, the innermost 'Self' shines on its own its awareness when wisdom dawns. 
The Advaita is the Soul is the cause and the support of all that exists as the world in which we exist.

The Advaita is present in the form of the consciousness. Advaita is the root element of the universe. From the Advaita, the universe comes into existence. In the Advaita the universe resides. And into the Advaita the universe is dissolved. The Advaita is the parent of all that is there is.

Sage Sri, Sankara’s wisdom is beautiful and uncontradictable ultimate truth.  The seeker has to penetrate as deeply as possible to unfold the mystery of his true existence. It will be difficult to find a Brahma Gnani like Sage Sri, Sankara.

Advaitic wisdom will not touch the ignorant populace.  Advaitic wisdom can reach the core of the serious and sincere seekers.   The seeker needs some different approaches, which is free from religious Gurus, religion, scriptures theories and yoga. Unless the words of wisdom touch the inner core the truth will not be revealed.

The so-called ‘Self’-declared Gurus of the east and west can go on repeating the Advaita parrot-like, ornamental words ~ they don't mean anything. Whatever the Gurus are saying of the Advaita   is on the dualistic perspective.   Their knowledge is skin deep.   They may be   great Gurus or yogis, but they are not Gnanis. 

Some thinkers who come  very close, almost on the boundary line of Advaita, and stops there and start propagating love and repeating the names of  God. Perhaps they are afraid that if they talk about Advaita because they have only superficial knowledge of Advaita gathered from different sources.

There is no need to talk against religion and criticize against yoga, and against the scriptures against the Atheists because they all are part and parcel of the dualistic illusion. By condemning criticizing the ignorance will not vanish. There is only need to realize, the religion, yoga, and scriptural mastery are not the means to acquire the ‘Self’-knowledge or Brahma Gnana.