Sunday, June 13, 2010

Absent of mind [waking] is not wisdom

Absent of mind [waking] is not wisdom. Absent of mind is merely deep sleep or yogic Samadhi.  The mind [waking] must be present before self-knowledge can be got.  The mind [waking] must be seen as mirage to achieve this one must know “what is mind?” and “what is the substance of the mind?” 
The Self –Knowledge can be gained only after one rectifies his reasoning base from form [ego] to formless [soul].  
 The knower of truth is does no desirous of liberation because he not conscious of bondage, he does not seek freedom because he is fully aware of the fact that, soul [consciousness]   is the true self.  He has neither attraction nor aversion to worldly duty, prosperity, desire and liberation as well as life and death because he is soul- centric, he lives calm and composed on whatever subsistence comes of itself.
Being fulfilled with by the self-knowledge and the mind observed in the consciousness, lives life as any other householder performing all his worldly duties there is no attachment or nonattachment for the soul-centric and he is aware of the fact that, there is no second object or person seen as separate reality thus nonattachment is meaningless.
 The same way the reality of the dream dries up when waking takes place, the reality of the waking experience has dried up for the one who wakes in wisdom.
The soul, which is the witness of the three states, neither keeps awake, nor sleeps, nor dreams it always in its nondual supreme condition. Conditions makes no difference to the soul; presence and absence of waking or dream is no account because everything is consciousness, it loses its consciousness of waking or dream in deep sleep and recovers it in wakefulness it still knows itself to be consciousness.
It does not see the waking or dream as a second separate thing; it does not need physical apparatus to see because it is formless.