Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ultimate reality consciousness which is beyond speech alone remains

While thinking of an object the mind verily identifies itself with that, and while thinking of a void it really becomes blank, whereas by the thought of consciousness it attains to perfection. So seeker should constantly reflect on nature of consciousness by deeper thinking and reasoning to attain perfection.

Only those, in whom this consciousness being ever present grows into maturity, attain to the state of ever-existent consciousness; and not others who merely deal with words.

Also those persons who are only intelligent in discussing about consciousness but have no realization, and are very much attached to worldly pleasures, are in consequence of their ignorance. The aspirants after truth or consciousness should not remain a single moment without the thought of consciousness.

The nature of the cause inheres in the effect and not vice versa; so through reasoning it is found that in the absence of the effect, the cause, as such also disappears.

Then that ultimate reality consciousness which is beyond speech alone remains. This should be understood again and again verily through the illustration of water and the snow.