Friday, August 20, 2010

As long as there is ‘I’ or mind there is duality.

As long as there is ‘I’ or mind there is duality. But the ‘I’ or mind won’t go away. Until one investigates what is ‘I’ or mind and realize what it is and what it is not, it is impossible to unfold the mystery of the mind/duality.

The duality exits only in   waking or dream and there is nonduality in deep sleep. The three states will not cease whether one realizes the truth but one becomes conscious of the fact that, the duality mere illusion and nonduality is reality. All the three states are one in essence. The essence is consciousness.  By becoming aware of the fact that, the consciousness is everything the duality ceases.  

The men and world which is part and parcel of the waking or dream is not created by man do not belong to him and conversely he do not belong to them either, because everything belongs to the soul/self, since all the three states are erupted from the soul, which is in the form of consciousness and they consciousness itself. Thus the form, time and space are mere illusory division within the consciousness. All divisions are mere illusory.  Freedom is realizing the fact that that the substantive of all is the consciousness is the true self.  The unreal nature of the mind, which appears as waking or dream disappears as deep sleep can be understood and assimilated only when one realizes the fact that, the consciousness is the true self.

People are in different levels of understanding. For those who are able to grasp highest reality. Have to encourage the less evolved by saying they will grasp it in due course as their understanding matures, until then they have to constantly reflect on F.P Blogs repetitively.'' 
A child cannot appear for the university examination without passing required school and college education.   Similarly a novice first has to be aware of the fact that, what he is seeking. He must study carefully F.P Blogs until their understanding is right enough and he has become receptive and able to grasp the non-dual truth.

Pursuit of truth is only for those people are mentally suited for it, and serious seekers have to make sure of the fact that, religion or yoga is not the means to acquire non dual wisdom.

If a person wants merely to get on in life, then religion is good for him; if he wants peace then yoga is good for him; if he wants non dual truth then he is fit for pursuit of truth. 

Seeker of truth should not argue with the critics because they will only injure them through hatred. They must remain in silent mode in the company of such mind-sets.
 It is not possible change the attitude of people suddenly; it is very difficult mystically inclined people to accept anything else then their accepted truth.

The novice has to be made to read F.P Blogs. They will be able to grasp it   depending on the stages of their maturity. If they lack to grasp the truth, and not receptive to Self-Knowledge, then nothing, can be done for them, as they are unfit to indulge in pursuit of truth.