Friday, August 20, 2010

Nothing is real other than consciousness

Nothing is real other than consciousness.  Noting matters other than realizing the real.  The real is hidden within the unreal. The real is within the unreal but it is without the unreal.

 The real cannot be argued about, it cannot be theorized, nor can it be discussed and understood. It can only be lived.   Stilled mind is consciousness.

When we talk to the religious minded people we should praise, uphold and encourage their belief in religion, but not when we are talking to those who seek truth, because  only one person in thousands belongs to the latter group.  Until one is ready we should talk the subject what inspires and suits them; but as doubts come to them, instruct we have to them further according to their mental capacity.

Non dual truth is intended only for the few who can understand it. Nevertheless as the common people cannot grasp it, since, they are conditioned to believe yoga or orthodox religion as means of Self-Realization. Only when they seek advice we have to inform them that the yoga and religion are not the highest and there is a higher path to the truth, and not to stop forever in the lower stage which is yoga and religion.

In our everyday life man uses his sense his senses to know about everything around him. Most of his physical knowledge is acquired through the sense of seeing i.e. through physical eyes.  The reaming part is through the other sense. The modern science has understood well the limitation of the human senses hence the scientists have developed and are still developing many instruments which are far more capable then the human senses.  However there is a side of nature, which is not perceptible to sensory to sensory organs or any scientific instrument.  This is the hidden side of the nature. Many references can be found to this hidden side of the nature in almost every religious scripture.
This hidden side of the nature is the soul/Ataman which is the true self. Many seers from ancient time have been mentioning that, the knowledge of this true self [truth] set the man free from experiencing the duality as reality.  Thus it is necessary to know the knowledge of the true self in order to realize the fact that the entire sensory instrument and the experience are dependent on the soul for their existence.  Thus the non-dual truth can be unfolded only when one learns to view and judge the worldview on the base of the soul which is the formless substance and witness of the three states.

The seeker who learns to view and judge the worldview on the base of the soul as self will be able to grasp and realize the non-dual truth. If every human being is able to view and judge the worldview on the base of the soul as self it will certainly revolutionize the life on the earth and free man kind from the wars and terror activities which is going on in the name of god and religion.  Therefore, there is need to know the truth of our true existence, to know what is truth and  what is untruth, in order to judge himself of what is right and what is wrong.

Man’s   understanding is through organs confined to phenomenal world. The physical body and the world are created out of the soul.  Thus all the diversity in experience is within the mind which appears and disappears as waking/dream.  When the mind remains in its formless non dual true nature it is called soul and we ignorantly identify it as deep sleep state on the base of the ego/physical self. 

Never talk of non-duality to anyone unless he seeks and wants it, or unless he is bothered with doubts. If one does, he will be looked on as a madman or fool and do no good at all.

Men are divided into three classes of intelligence. Those with lowest are follow religion, those in the intermediate practice yoga, those in the highest are seek truth. Religion and yoga are not bad; but they are not means to acquire non dual wisdom.

For common people religion and yoga it is enough." This is the highest they can practice. But the non-dual truth is for the few who could grasp it.

 One must realize and note the different distinctions among men. There are religionists who practice rituals/ rites, the Pundits who interpret scriptures, and mysticisms, and yogis who practice meditations/Samadhi, lastly seekers of truth inquire and reason on the true base to acquire the highest truth.

There are different grades of intelligence among people as they rise in the scale.  Different mind-sets attracted to different past and practice. People are divided into three grades of intelligence, high, middling and low. Religion is prescribed for the lowest; they are there and not to be condemned, but people with wisdom must respect because they are like children, not knowing better.

The man of truth is the one who can think for himself, he has the right to think; whereas the lowest regards questioning as blasphemous and dangerous to religion.

The non-dual truth can’t be grasped people, because they cannot understand it, even though they are intellectuals, and they will only misunderstand it because of their grooming. They cannot rise higher because they are trying to assimilate with their misinterpretation, but they have the conceit that they know better because they have well read.  To study non duality is impossible if one is unready.  It cannot be studied like other subject because it is knowledge of the beyond has to be grasped mentally.