Friday, August 20, 2010

Thus it is necessary to realize the universe is mere illusion in order realize non-dualistic or Advaitic truth.

The one which believes itself as body is not the body.  Only after  belief of body  all other beliefs will arise. Thus the basic belief “I am the body” has to be there before any belief. After this basic belief, the belief of name is accepted. After the belief of body with the name, the belief of person is born. Thus, the belief of birth becomes belief of ignorance, without realizing the fact that, the believer is formless soul, which is the true self.

The universe is the product of ignorance. the man exists within the universe. from ultimate standpoint the universe is mere illusion. Thus it is necessary to realize the universe is mere illusion in order realize non-dualistic or Advaitic truth. 

Man and his individual experience of the birth life and death are reality within the falsehood. Until one has a firm conviction he is an individual separate from the universe and universe existed prior to him, and he is born in it afterwards he will never be able to acquire nondual wisdom. Because of this reason he will not be able think beyond form, time and space.    Until this conviction is there all his views, judgments and conclusions are based on the false self within the false experience. Thus there is a need for overcoming this conviction by realizing the fact that the self is not form but self is formless.

Without overcoming this conviction one is in the grip of form, time and space.  Till self is in the grip of form, time and space, the duality will prevail as reality.  If duality prevails as reality the ignorance prevails.  If ignorance prevails the wisdom will not dawn.  Without wisdom detachment to attachment is impossibility. 

It was desperately important for the believers of their belief system for some reason that others shared their beliefs because they assume that their religious doctrine is literally true, and then justify their beliefs because "God says so in their doctrine ".

It is no use of arguing with someone who has faith in his belief system because for him there can be no possible refutation of what he believes, so rational argument is entirely useless. He clings to his belief so strongly that he makes no distinction between the truth and his belief. One has to know the fact that god cannot exist without his existence. The truth does not depend on gods’ existence but it entirely depends on man’s existence.   Thus it is foolish to venture in knowing the truth of gods existence without verifying the facts about his true existence. 

The seeker has to have courage to accept the truth and reject the untruth. Most people will not be able to subscribe to path of truth because they sentimentally and emotionally involved with their inherited belief system and even if one does he has to overcome all his doubts confusion and despair.  These are problem for the seekers who are from religious back ground because of their conditioning and they are made to accept their blind belief as truth and their interest or insight is not deep. 
It becomes difficult for the orthodox cult to accept anything else as truth other than their accepted belief, which they hold as truth. Although all religious followers are participants alike in the spiritual endeavor of the world, overzealous   followers of each religion are not prepared to accord equal status to other faiths and assert the superiority of their own. Thus universal brother hood is total impossibility because it is difficult to accept anything other than their inherited belief system.        

Intense inner longing to know the ultimate truth will guide the seeker, he needs no other guide. People who think by worshiping their gurus as God in human form in order to get self-realization are unaware of the fact that, accepting someone as guru and himself as disciple is greatest obstacle in the path of truth. The person who accepts himself as guru is not a Gnani, because he has already accepted self as body whereas the self is not the body. The person who accepts himself as disciple of some guru also considers his self as body thus; it becomes a great hindrance in path of truth. Guru is essential in religious and yogic path but not for Self-Realization