Friday, August 20, 2010

Self-Knowledge gives a connecting link from primitive religion to the highest truth "knowing which nothing remains to be known."

Only when a man begins to express doubts, or says he wants to know the highest truth while admitting his ignorance of it, one should talk nonduality with him.

Due to prejudice many modern thinkers are often on the right track in their rationalistic outlook, but they can't tolerate wisdom coming from others.   

Just as a new-born child cannot understand mathematics, so the mass of mankind must grow up intellectually before it can understand nondual truth. However nondual truth must now in this modern world be explained in a way by which a larger number of people can grasp it.

Just as one cannot teach physics chemistry to children in the nursery class so one cannot teach nonduality to the millions of grown-up adults. They will understand only what they will be able to grasp, i.e. religion or yoga.

Self-Knowledge gives a connecting link from primitive religion to the highest truth "knowing which nothing remains to be known."

 Only when one becomes aware of the fact that the self is not the form but self is formless he will capable of grasping, understanding and assimilating the nondual truth. There is no use if discussing with people who are not receptive and always want the discussion on their own point of view.  It is wise to discuss with only people who are receptive.

There is no use of instilling doubts in the minds of others: these doubts must arise of their own accord and only then they will find the others. The seekers of truth in beginning question the truth of religion they have to clear their problems then only indulge in pursuit of truth. It would be unwise at the first instance to tell them their   religion is untrue.

When there is no capacity for thinking, then yoga is suitable, if there is still less capacity to think then rituals. Truth pursuit is suitable for those who are capable of thinking deeper and deeper.
There is no need to condemn yoga or religion but only one has to understand the fact that, they are not the means to acquire Self-Knowledge.  In fact they are greatest obstacle in pursuit of truth.   According to their stage of understanding, people believe what helps them at that stage. They are not aware of the fact that yoga and religion are like play with toys and follow fables.

Truth pursuit is only to who has intense urge to know the truth. Mysticism or religion is suited for those who are not seeking truth. Religion and yoga is needed for the mass. It helps them to cast the burden on conceptual god and move on in the worldly life. Only when one finds the religion and yoga are inadequate and useless to quench his inner urge to know the truth, and then only he must take the path of truth.

A Gnani feels there is no clash with others, he quarrels with none. He sees all their points of view. He knows that they take things as they seem to be, hence are necessarily dualists. In truth all is one.  Thus “search for truth" to become one with it. 

Nonduality is so strong that it makes one feel impregnable in argument and invulnerable in exposition. Hence it gives intellectual courage.  If people want truth, they have to search within the three states; if they want to please their ego, they have to follow their ego, by following orthodox religion which is egocentric.  Until the conduct based orthodoxy think the freedom is achieved from their personal conduct they are doomed in illusory cycle of birth, life and death. If they take the illusory birth, life and death as reality they accepted the false self as real self. Thus they will remain believing the false self as real self and false experience as real experience and follow the false doctrines based on the ego as self.    
Only people who are able to reason deeper take to path of wisdom. Others will follow religion, or if that fails, they take yoga and mysticism because they are easier follow the blind belief and it is hard to reason.  But people of sharp acute intellect need not take to meditation but may go direct to wisdom.

Religious and yogic path are egocentric paths, which leads to imaginary freedom.   Only soul centric path leads directly to ultimate truth.

So long as doubts or possibilities of doubts exist, one is not a Gnani. When ignorant who are not aware of the fact that, the self is not physical but self is formless consciousness cannot understand, they say, "Why worry oneself over that?" But that is evading the issue.