Friday, August 20, 2010

The ultimate nature of the experience of diversity is, pure and true, is like the infinity of space, which is soul or Brahman.

Empty and calm and devoid of self is the nature of all things. No individual being in reality exists. There is no end or beginning, nor any middle course. All is an illusion, as in a vision or a dream. All beings in the world are beyond the realm of words. Their ultimate nature, pure and true, is like the infinity of space- Prajnaparamita

This Empty and calm and devoid of ‘I’ is the nature of the Self. The individual being or non being exists in reality. There is no end or beginning, nor any middle course. The diversity is an illusion or a dream. The formless substance and witness of the diversity, which is the Consciousness is beyond the realm of words. The ultimate nature of the experience of diversity is, pure and true, is like the infinity of space, which is soul  or  Brahman.

The nature of true self is oneness is incomprehensible and so any communication about it can only be an interpretation of the ideas based on the false self or ego. Ignorance generates doubts and confusion. Ignorance makes one experience the duality as reality.  Ignorance makes one view and judge the three states  on the standpoint of false physical self or ego. Whatever is based on false physical self or ego is bound to be falsehood because everything is viewed and judged believing the duality as reality. Thus, one is unable to think beyond duality.

Deeper understanding and assimilation is required for self-realization.  It becomes difficult to understand and communicate about the oneness on the base of false self.   Thus rectifying the reasoning base from form to formless is   is necessary  to understand and assimilate and realize the non-duality. 

No one can escape the waking experience which is the very basis of the physical existence. What was the waking experience before it appeared? Was their existence before the appearance of the waking experience?  When the waking perishes, does the soul or consciousness survive alone?  Is there a self or soul?  The seeker has to find answers for all these doubts in order to realize ‘what is truth’ and ‘what is untruth’. 

As one goes deeper in self-search one becomes aware of the fact that the self is neither the waking entity not self is the dream entity but self is formless substance and witness of the three states. And the formless substance and witness of the three states are one in essence. And that essence is consciousness.  If the formless substance and witness are one in essence, than there is second thing can exist, other than consciousness?  Thus consciousness alone is real and all else is mere illusion created out of consciousness, which is the innermost self.

People who argue there is nothing beyond the universe; there is nothing other than the matter; that the body was the man; and death was end of all.  According to them there is no truth other than the practical life within the practical world, which they hold as reality. Their only agenda is as long as they live in the world live happily with all the pleasant things of life, who can demonstrate that there is something left after the physical death.  Beg, borrow or steal – but live happily is their mantra.    

There are also people who believe strongly there was a sprit which defied the ravages of time, which cannot be confined in space; that sprit transcends the limits of this universe in which the body exists. 

How one can decide what is truth,   when he is bound by birth, life and death or form, time and space? 

The consciousness is the innermost self. And nature of the consciousness is formless and non-dual.  One should realize the consciousness as whole universe without parts.  To describe non-duality as a system is erroneous because the dual and non-dual is the nature of the self. Duality is illusory nature of the self and non-duality is real nature of the innermost self, which is consciousness.  Ultimate truth  cannot be confined into a narrow set of ideas. 

Non-dualistic truth is supreme truth; all dualistic systems hold false self as real self and false experience as reality.  Non- dualistic wisdom is culmination of all systems including theistic non-duality.   The true non-dualists will not quarrel and argue with any theoretical philosophy because he is fully aware of the fact that, this orthodox theistic non-dualistic scholars or pundits like Dualists sages could not distinguish between ‘I’ and ‘formless witness.’ The 'I' was the witness. Their highest was the Jiva. One is so much attached to the 'I' that he do not want to think that 'I' does not exist. Again one is unable to detach the ‘I’ from the Real witness.

There is need to study the scriptures. One has to self-search the truth and realize it without the scriptures. And then when he reads the scriptures he becomes aware the scriptures are also saying the same thing but everything is misinterpreted.