Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thus starts the quest for Ultimate Truth.

Finding freedom in this life, The seeker takes nothing to heart, Neither duty nor desire. He has nothing to do But to live out his life. The master lives beyond the boundaries of desire. uncompromising uncompromising uncompromising  Delusion or the world, Meditation on the truth, Liberation itself-- What are they to him? - Ashtavakra Gita 18: 13-14

Everyone is basically dreamers. The individual comes to realize, through the experiences of biological birth, physical pain and agony, dying and death, that no matter what he does in life, he cannot escape the inevitable: he will have to leave this world bereft of everything he has accumulated and achieved and to which he has been emotionally attached.

 The similarity between birth, life and death- the startling realization that the beginning of life is the same as its end prompt the opening up of areas of spiritual and religious experiences. These appear to be intrinsic part of the human personality and are independent of the individual’s cultural and religious background and programming.

 One gradually develops convincing insights in to utmost relevance of the spiritual and religious dimensions in the universal scheme of things. Even hard-core materialists, scientists, skeptics, cynics, atheists and anti-religionists suddenly become interested in a quest of truth after they confront these queries in themselves. Having thus discovered the truth in the depths of his own core of existence, the awakened then embarks on a journey to find truth in all life. Thus starts the quest for Ultimate Truth.