Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The consciousness can remain with or without the mind or universe

True self  is without the attributes and it  is the knower of the attributes ,which is in the form of universe or  mind. The mind or universe is mere mirage on the standpoint of the attribute-less self  ,which is in the form of consciousness. Thus, mind or universe  is myth on the standpoint of the true self . The consciousness can remain with or without the mind or universe , whereas the mind or universe  is dependent on consciousness  for its existence.

To know the non-dual Reality, deeper thinking is required. The thinking faculty ceases and becomes still when it reaches the source of the mind. One has to realize the waking entity is false self within the false experience from the ultimate standpoint.

 Where there is no experience then there is no duality where there no duality then there is no second thing exist other than the self-awareness.  Therefore seeker has indulge in deeper self-search and trace and overcome the obstacles. For the sincere and serious seekers the inner grace will guide until the ignorance vanishes and he becomes aware of the fact that the diversity [universe or Illusion] is mere mirage created out of consciousness [Atman].    

Waking experience in which a person perceives the world doesn't exists as real in reality because, everything is consciousness, and apart from consciousness there is nothing in the waking experience.
Whatever is thought of within the waking experience makes Him something other than what He is. When the waking experience ends, what happens? It is consciousness alone prevails without the three states.

Awakening is nothing but a complete, perfect understanding and assimilation of what is what. A clear cut understanding of a ‘what is what’ is awakening. Reality is not to be achieved; it is there as it is. After this perfect understanding assimilation and realization, nothing is required.

And we expect "awakening" to be some great, mysterious happening! "Reality is not to be achieved; it is there” as it is,  as unchangeable existence within the changeable illusion.