Friday, December 10, 2010

The knower of the source is the knower of the truth.

He who has grasped the fact that, the consciousness is the true self will become aware of the fact that, consciousness exists prior to the appearance of the three states.  The consciousness is the source of the three states.

The knower of the source is the knower of the truth.  Without knowing the source,  one is in ignorance of the source, which is the consciousness.  The source itself  is the true self.

The consciousness rises as “mind” and subsides back as “consciousness”.    When one turn within, to the core of his being, there he will not find the ego, but he will find its source, the consciousness, which is second to none the ultimate reality.  Consciousness alone is all else is mere mirage created out of consciousness.

This is the true understanding of the self–that in which the two are seen to be one, although their distinction is eternal. The word “born” is misleading, for the Self is never born. There does come a time when it becomes manifest in the illusion, but it existed prior to the   illusion. There was never a time when consciousness did not exist, even   the illusion of form, time and space it existed as its formless substance and witness.