Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If one has still attachment to his religion and concepts then he is not ripe enough to take the inner journey.

A Gnani encourages the seekers to think in a different way. Everyone whether religious or non-religious, whether they have perception or none, he tries to bring them toward the boundless freedom from experiencing the duality as reality.  He never claims himself to be a Gnani.  He never indulges in pursuit of argument.

He tries to sow the seed of non-duality, which grows subconsciously and at right time it will start maturing and starts yielding fruits. The non-dual seed creates the doubts and confusion and one starts thinking on his own to find answers for all his doubts and confusions which creates an urge to know the truth of his true existence.  Thus the inner journey begins. 
Why vast majority of seekers are not liberated even after their chosen paths, gurus’ guidance, scriptural mastery, yogic practice and theoretical philosophy because all these are inadequate and useless in pursuit of truth.

A common error amongst follower of the Godmen is to jump to the conclusion that he possesses miraculous powers because unusual coincidences happen in a few cases, which they universalize.

Everyone likes Religion because it belongs to the world of sentiments, emotions. Religion changes as it appeals to different emotions. One will find at one pole the nude sadhu is admired; at the other the gorgeously-robed swami or guru is revered.

People get carried away by miraculous powers of   the Godmen.  Such powers have no value from ultimate standpoint. What is the use of all the miraculous powers which is not useful in stopping all the calamities like epidemics, starvation, earthquake and tsunamis? Why they  collect money from the people, if their miracle power produces everything other than the money.

 Why to build super specialty hospital when they cannot cure people with their  miraculous power all these doubts arise to the people who are in search of the truth.    From ultimate standpoint whatever miracles performed and whatever miracles experienced is part of the duality, which is mere illusion.  Therefore, whatever is experienced in the false hood is bound to be falsehood.

 Most of the gurus who pretend to be Gnanis and illustrate the ‘I know’ attitude adopted because their guru told them so, both of them not knowing really. They are  certainly brilliant intellectually in their  other spheres, in the worldly plane , but remember the truth that most of these pretending Gnanis  keep the quest of truth in watertight compartments apart from the other sections of their brain.

Most people apply reason admirably to their worldly business, but drop it and use feeling or emotion only when trying to philosophize.

People magnify every minor coincidence or every petty fact where these yogis were concerned, and they see miraculous or esoteric significance therein.  They are duped, because they are unaware of the fact that, all experiences takes place in the waking experience and waking experience also is also as false as  a dream.  Therefore, it is necessary to realize the fact that, self is neither the waking entity nor the dream entity, but the self is the formless seer of all the three states. 

All the three states are mere mirage created out of consciousness, which is the true self.  Holding the consciousness as self  and dropping the mirage[three states]  mentally one is  in the realm of non-duality.

Religious or yogic truth is individual truth. The ultimate truth is not individual ,because the self is not an individual it is universal.” This means religionist and yogis takes their feeling and experience as truth whereas the Gnani takes his reasoned judgment, which will be the same under test everywhere in the universe.

If one has still attachment to his religion and concepts then he is not ripe enough to take the inner journey.  Only when one finds his inherited belief system is inadequate and useless in quenching his inner thirst,  then only he will be able to take the inner journey.  Thus it is no use of forcing anyone to path of truth because the urge to know the truth has to come from within.  

It is not of any use criticizing any guru or his teaching. By criticizing any guru or teaching nothing will be gained but one has highlight how they are inadequate and create obstacle in pursuit of truth.    Seekers main aim is to acquire self-knowledge, not indulge criticism or indulge in argument.  Lot of patience and humility is needed in pursuit of truth. All discussion based on accumulated knowledge is unnecessary and it is waste of time.  Same time can be utilized to unlearn what has been learnt and accumulated and start again as a fresh.    
No one has been liberated with the egocentric spiritual paths and practices. Even anyone claims that they are self- realized   that is only hallucinated realization. It is because a  real  Gnani who is aware of  the ultimate truth never  holds ‘I’   or ‘I AM’ self, and  never  thinks self is limited to individual. Thus the all the practices which hold the individual experiences such as bliss and Samadhi as self-realization are mere hallucinating through their imagination. 

 Until one finds satisfaction with the meaning of ornamental words they will be in the prison of emotion.  The emotions and sentimentalism is the greatest obstacle in realizing the fact that ,the self is not form but self is formless, because, the emotion and sentimentalism belongs to the realm of form.   To overcome the emotion and sentimentalism one has to realize the fact that, the self is not form. 

People get involved with some teacher and teaching and emotionally involved and leave their further search in the name surrendering to the guru. Such surrender will not yield any fruit. It is mere religious fable.  Surrendering within the duality to some person is not  a true surrender, because the duality is not reality. 

When the form and names are falsehood by surrendering to false entity is false surrender.  The guru and god is inner most self. One has to trace the formless self and realize it as his true identity, is real surrender.  

Self is the seer of all the three states and it is ever free. Because it is not an entity or identity within the waking or dream but it is formless substance of all the three states.

If one sees the seer as physical then he is in the clutches of duality thus he is in the bondage of experiencing the duality as reality.   Thus one has to trace the formless witness to realize the fact that, the self is not the form but self is formless. 

Only when one becomes aware of the fact that, universe (which contains   all the names and forms forest, ocean, hills, sky, earth, stars and planets) is nothing but mirage created out of consciousness then there is nothing to realize because whatever one has seen, known, believed and experienced as person of the universe is mere mirage. Thus consciousness alone is real all else is mere mirage created out of consciousness.  Thus realizing the consciousness as self, which is real and eternal is self-realization.