Monday, April 11, 2011

Many souls theory is based on the false self and false experience

The consciousness is the one Self.  Consciousness alone exists.   Many souls theory is based on the false self and false experience. When the whole universe is created out of a single stuff,which is consciousness than whatever the universe contains is also consciousness. Thus, the soul is one and  in ignorance the diversity appears as reality. 

 When ignorance vanishes the  consciousness  alone exists eternally. It is ever existent and never nonexistent. It neither begins nor ends, neither expands nor reduces, has no phase or condition, and ever is just as it is. It alone is present always.  The self is like deep sleep. When wisdom dawns  ignorance vanishes in the midst of duality and one becomes aware of the real nature of the three states. 

The Knowledge of the Self is having a firm conviction that the self is neither waking entity nor the dream entity but the formless witness of the three states ,which comes and goes in succession.  Deeper self-search reveals the identity of the Self and the ultimate truth. Therefore, it is imperative for the seeker of the Realization of the ultimate truth, to realize the Self as it truly is. Self is in the form of Consciousness it is natural, effortless, innate  it is real and eternal. Everything else other than consciousness  is an illusion and the product of delusion. The ultimate nature of illusion is nonexistence.

When this  truth is constantly reflected , meditated upon, and realized , results in the destruction of all ignorance, all delusion, and all illusion and in the Realization of the Self. It is what unfailingly puts to an end all of the illusory bondage.

 It is intended for those who know the value of the importance of Self-Knowledge  and who are endowed with an intense urge. One has to  apply  one's own effort to awaken from the illusion of duality and thus gain clarity in Knowledge. To be so absorbed in consciousness  one has to know the consciousness is the true self. Self-  Knowledge and  Self –Realization are one and the same,  that is being aware of the ultimate truth.  That there is no second thing exist other than consciousness and the diversity is merely an illusion created out of consciousness. Thus, consciousness alone is real and all else is merely an  illusion created out of consciousness. 

Self-Knowledge means knowledge of true existence.   The consciousness is ultimate reality  one without a second, and apart from which there is nothing else.

Consciousness is the true self and  knower of the illusion,which comes and goes as waking and dream. there is no other knower because the waking entity and the dream entity are part of the illusion. When the consciousness,which is the true 'Self' becomes naked without the illusion the consciousness alone will prevail as eternal non-dual existence. Same way as  it remained 
without the waking or dream in deep sleep.  Consciously becoming aware of  consciousness in the midst of duality is self-awareness.