Friday, April 15, 2011

People firmly think a guru /god men /pundit as source of self-knowledge.

To explain to beginners   to study the path of truth in layman’s language and as brief as possible is a hurricane task. One has to indulge in pursuit of truth without using religion/scriptures/yoga and god glorification, how would they do, when they   firmly think a guru /god men /pundit as source of self-knowledge. 

Part of the readiness of any person to listen to any kind of knowledge, including worldly knowledge, is the willingness to hear and the necessity to ask for that specific knowledge.
Preaching is not teaching. Someone willing to know the truth must realize the fact that, there is “no need to study the Scriptures, and indulge in religious rituals   and there is no need practice yoga? 

The nature of the true self is non-doer ship, and the qualification `One' to elevate its non-dual nature in the experience of diversity, to bring unity in diversity.  That is to say, just as the one sun lights up the entire universe, so does the one Self infuse life and activity into the waking/dream world .

Through different mental apparatuses, the Self appears to manifest itself differently in different bodies, but it is for the seeker to realize the fact that, the man and the world appears within the waking/dream. Without the waking/dream, the man and the world cease to exist. Thus, waking/dream are mental states, and they are impermanent in nature. Thus seeker has to indulge in deeper thinking through inquiry, analysis and reasoning to get the firm conviction about these facts.

 Nevertheless, like the sun, the Self neither performs the actions pertaining to the bodies nor does it cause them to be performed, nor is it tainted by evils like duality or partiality etc. because all man is the doer within the world and world exits within the waking/dream. The self is the formless witness of the three states.  That to immortal Self ever remains pure, conscious action-less, immutable, unchanged, impartial and stainless under every circumstance.

Dispelling one's ignorance is important for the realization of the non-dual truth. The means of dispelling ignorance is possible only through perfect understanding derived from inquiry, analysis and reasoning on the true base. 

By means of non-dual wisdom one is able to realize that man and the world are within the experience of duality [waking/dream] and waking and dream is an object the true self which is the subject.

Waking/dream  is knowable, subject to change, perishable, mutable, material and transient; whereas the Soul/ true self  is its knower, conscious, changeless, action-less, eternal, imperishable, unattached, pure, of the same stuff as Knowledge, and one; that the two being wholly diverse in character. 

The true self/soul is entirely different from the `waking/dream/duality'; that the apparent identity of. The two is rooted in ignorance; that, in reality, the `true self/soul ' has no connection whatsoever with the `waking/dream/duality '. This is what is meant by perceiving with the eye of wisdom the difference between the `waking/dream/duality / mind ' and the `the formless witness/soul'.