Saturday, April 23, 2011

The path of love is path for humanity therefore it is individualized path.

It is no use of finding fault with people. They are conditioned to view and judge the worldview on the base of 'I' as self. They can only understand what they are thought by their upbringing by parents, religion and society and circumstances of life. They cannot think beyond. Thinking there are two ‘I’ is erroneous.  Many think there is big ‘I’ and another small ‘I’. Such ideas will not take anyone to the ultimate end of understanding.   And truth pursuit is not for those who think religion,meditation  and the yoga are the only means to Self-Realization. Philosophical discussions, intellectual speculations, logical conclusions will not lead one to the ultimate destination.

Most of the saints and sages of the past are mostly social reformers, thus they are more concerned to the humanism rather than the truth. Their contribution is very valuable to live in the practical world.  Thus humanism is limited to practical life within the practical world.    The path of love is path for humanity therefore it is individualized path. Thus path of love is limited to the physical structure, it cannot transport one to ultimate end.  Thus seeker has to understand the fact that the practical life and practical world are part of the mirage from the ultimate standpoint. 

The simple reason is that the average person may have desire for knowledge but when the whole society is immersed in belief system and feeling himself   out of place because of societal fear and surroundings circumstances and he thinks it unfits him to pursue the path of truth. 

The seeker of truth is one who is ready verify and has courage to accept and reject the truth when he finds out what is truth and what is untruth. The meek will stick to their inherited conditioning remain experiencing duality as reality.

Pursuit of truth or spirituality is not suited for religionists and yogis who believe in conceptual god. Because religious idea of god, world, heaven, hell, sin karma ceases to exist as real when one becomes aware of the non-dual truth.

Seekers who are ready to accept only truth have to indulge in the pursuit of truth. And people who are satisfied with their faith and belief and accepted truth must continue without disturbing their present outfit.