Saturday, April 23, 2011

Satsang is an association with the true self which is eternal soul. To be aware of it all times is Satsang.

Swami Vivekananda said: - “You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.”

Satsang is an association with the true self which is eternal soul. To be aware of it all times is Satsang. Constant reflecting on the nature of the soul is satsang, or association with Gnani is satsang.

Satsanga is neither hearing the sermons of the guru or priest nor indulging in religious activates nor hearing the stories of mythological stories by swamis nor reading biographies of saints and sages nor intellectual discussion but satsanga is trying to discover the truth about our true existence with likeminded fellow seekers by discussing and interacting and sharing views.  

Consciousness is not by bound form, time and space and ever free from all the limitation because all the forms names and time and space are mere mirage created out of consciousness. . The one, who is immersed in practical life within the practical world, will not have any interest in pursuit of truth and in any sort of spiritual discussions. Well directed Spiritual discussion in depth leads without argument but with perfect understanding and assimilation leads to non-dual wisdom. Knowledge of truth leads to self-awareness.

Consciousness is ever homogeneous, excelled eternal. The seductive power of the experience of duality is momentary as the flashes of lightning. In the presence of truth universe loses all lustre and appears as glow-worm in the presence of the sun.

Proving a one religion wrong does not make another better. Proving a follower of one religion wrong does not make a follower of another religion better. All religions have their own flaws. We have to admit it.

One has to find out within for himself by following any religion whether he has become better human being, more peaceful, more tolerant, and more spiritual. If not, by vomiting our venom against others religion shows where we really stand and how far away we are from the Ultimate reality/truth. 

One has to remember, the Truth or God or whatever one may want to call is independent of religions and independent of what every one of us think about it.  When one has little glimpse of the ultimate reality/truth and he   will keep become aware of the fact in the realm of truth the experience of diversity [duality] is mere illusion.

Seeker of truth has to think about it. A Gnani is does not belongs to any religion/sect.  For him the three states are just a passing show. Thus the godly business such as prayer, worship, glorifying is mere illusion within the duality. For a Gnani the ultimate truth is god. The ultimate truth is Ataman is the true self.

The insight from holy Koran declared: ANAL HAQ-- I am the truth -- spiritual meaning is the self is the ultimate truth. [Self is not ‘I’ but the soul/sprit].

Insights from Bhagvad gita says: Ahum Bramasmi –I am Brahman- spiritual meaning is: the Self is Brahman [Sri,Sankara says Ataman is Brahman] Spiritual meaning is self is Brahman  – that means Ataman/soul is Brahman. 

Insight from bible says: My spirit is the Father.  The Father and I are one.  The Father can do anything." – Spiritual –meaning - the sprit the soul – the soul is the self – the soul and mind [‘I’] are one in essence.  

 Seeker of truth has realize the fact that all the spiritual insights of all religion direct to the self /soul which is the formless substance and witness of the experience of diversity[duality].  

The object of self – knowledge is to bring unity in diversity, not criticizing my religion is superior and others religion is inferior because religion and god and scriptures are not subject matter in pursuit of truth.  Therefore, it is necessary to bifurcate religion, yoga and theoretical philosophy from spirituality because religion is based on the individuality and practical life within the practical world whereas spirituality is only discovering and knowing the truth of one’s true existence is not the waking entity within the waking world but it is formless spirit, pervades in everything and everywhere in all the three states.