Friday, April 15, 2011

Some people refuse to accept the world as illusion without understanding it aright.

Some people refuse to accept the world as illusion without understanding it aright. They have to understand assimilate the fact that:-

v  Consciousness is real;

v  The universe, which is in the form of mind or ‘I’ is a myth;

v  Consciousness is the universe because the substance of the universe is consciousness.

The universe is conceived to be apart from the witness, and that perception is wrong, because the witness and witnessed are one in essence.  The universe [witnessed] is created out of the formless witness, which is consciousness.  Thus the substance of the universe, which is in the form of mind, is also consciousness. Thus the witness and the substance both are one in essence.

Universe is unconditioned superimposition. After the truth of the self is known, the illusion of the universe is removed once and for all.

“But one should also take into account the conditioned superimposition, i.e., ‘the water in the mirage.’ “The mirage does not disappear even after one knows it to be a mirage. The vision is there, but the man does not run to it for water. Ultimate truth must be understood by perfect understanding. The universe, which appears as waking, is a myth. The dream is parallel waking and waking is parallel dream.  Even after knowing it, it continues to appear. It must be known to be consciousness and not apart by realizing the consciousness to be ultimate truth.

With the conditioned as well as the unconditioned illusions considered, the phenomenon of the water in a mirage is purely illusory because that water cannot be used for any purpose, whereas the phenomenon of the world is different, for it is purposeful. How then does the latter stand on a par with the former?

“A phenomenon cannot be a reality simply because it serves a purpose or purposes. Take a dream for illustration. The dream creations are purposeful; they serve the dream purpose. The dream-water quenches dream-thirst. The dream-creation, however, is contradicted in the two other states. What is not continuous cannot be real. If real, the thing must ever be real, and not real for a short time and unreal at other times. So it is with miragified creations. They appear real and are yet illusory.

The universe cannot be real of itself. That is to say apart from the consciousness, which is    underlying Reality. Illusion is used to signify the manifestation of the Reality. Self-knowledge is not philosophy but it is finding the truth of one’s true existence. Self-awareness does not arise by study of scriptures.

Becoming aware of the self is important to realize the fact that, universe is mere mirage created out of consciousness. Consciously becoming aware of the illusory nature of the mind, that is in the form of universe, as consciousness leads to self-awareness.

If one is serious and sincere in his pursuit of truth and sharp enough to grasp the truth than he ready for the inner venture straight away.

Gnani sees consciousness in everything and everywhere in all the three states, thus nothing exist other than consciousness for him.

 One who follows the inner path reaches the end.  One has to become aware of the fact behind the appearance of the universe is consciousness, which is the true nature of the self.
However, all their explanation and deductions cannot prove their vision, as long as he who doubts cannot see what they see. And he cannot see it as long as both of them use different ways of perceiving.

No logical or philosophical demonstration can get wisdom because the wisdom has to be acquired by the seeker himself by indulging in deeper self-search.  Seeker has to make sure of the fact that, the self is neither the waking entity nor it is a dream entity but self is formless consciousness.  The waking or dream, which contains forms, names and the universe are mere mirage created out of consciousness. What is left when one becomes aware when he becomes aware of the fact that his body and his experience of the world is mere mirage, it is only conscious non-dual self-awareness.

That the consciousness is not only limited to the physical identity within the waking or dream but it pervades the whole the waking or dream world.  Thus limiting the consciousness to the physical entity is cause of the ignorance.  Thus one has to understand the fact that the self is not within the physical body but it pervades the whole universe as its formless substance.  Until this is not understood it is difficult to grasp non-dual truth.

One should not blindly accept the world as illusion because some guru said so or some teaching says so or some philosophy says so,   without verifying the validity of these claims. One has to indulge deeper self-search until he gets un-contradictable truth.

v  How the world is illusion.

v  Why the world is illusion?

v  On what standpoint the universe is illusion?

Until all the confusion is cleared with sound reasoning   and solved the riddle of the universe as illusion to gain self-awareness is impossible.

It is the doubts and confusion that creates questions and goes in search of answers. It takes some time for the inner dialogue, which starts revealing the answers clears all the doubts and confusion.   Until the un-contradictable truth is ascertained there is no satisfaction arises. 

Until one mentally clears all the doubts and confusion the question after question emerges, from within and starts getting answers from within and all the accumulated knowledge will be burnt and finally the wisdom dawns.