Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What the seeker supposed to do?- 1

Q:        What the seeker supposed to do?
K.S.K.: the seeker has to give up the seeking egocentric spiritual search. The seeker has to know the preliminary inquiry of “Who am ‘I’” and realize the true fact that, the physical body is not the self. If physical body is not the self the ego or ‘I’ is not the Self. Thus give up ego based inquiry. Focus the attention of the mind which is present as sense of ‘I’. Then start inquiry and reason to know:
v  What is ‘I’ or mind?
The inquiry and reason reveals that ‘I’ or mind is the whole Waking experience ,which appears and disappears.  Therefore seeker has to come to firm conclusion and then conviction that ‘I’ is the whole Waking experience. This is the first step.
The next step is three states analyzes. Inquire and reason revels that the three states appear and disappear in succession not to the ego or physical entity but to the invisible entity.  Make sure the world and the person and ego and whatever is known and seen and experienced as a person is within the Waking experience. The dream is parallel Waking experience and Waking experience is parallel dream.  The deep sleep is not the state but only absent of experience. Thus the knower of the Waking experience or dream is formless and non-dual which can prevail with or without the experience of duality that is Waking or dream.
From this the seeker becomes convinced that the egocentric spiritual practice will not help the seeker to go beyond the experience of duality.
The ego is the tool within the Waking experience. Therefore, the Waking experience is dependent on the ego. Therefore seeker has to consider the ego as the whole Waking experience not mere physical entity.
By saying ego is devious and cunning and it is evolving entity, through periods of time that are unimaginable, it has learned to survive through any and every condition… It will outwit one any time, any day, any place, anywhere is not the answer to getting rid of the ego. There is no difference between the ego and a person therefore getting rid of the ego as a person is impossibility.   
Even when one thinks as a person that one is being altruistic, or spiritual, or compassionate, that what one is really doing is advancing his own self-interest, or secretly praising himself, Sometimes he likes himself, and sometimes he is critical of himself, all these are happening within the Waking experience. The true Self is only witness of the Waking experience or ‘I’.   
Therefore whatever conduct as a person good or bad, negative or positive are happenings within the Waking experience. And Waking experience is myth on the standpoint of the true Self which is Atman. 
 If one says that:
Ø  There is no real ego but only a succession of thoughts which constitute the “I” process. There is no separate entity forming the personal consciousness but only a series of impressions, ideas, and images revolving around a common center which is completely empty”. What one calls one’s identity is this constant, incessant, uninterrupted process of one thought following another.”
This conclusion is arrived by judging and viewing the worldview on the standpoint of physical base that is ego and is half truth. All the impression and ideas and images and the ego are present only when there is Waking experience. The egocentric seeking will not transport the seeker beyond the experience of duality.  Thus seeker has to make sure of the fact that ‘I’ is Waking experience and view and judge the three states on the standpoint of the formless witness of the three states, which appear and disappear in succession.  
If one says that:
Ø  Man is always expecting, anticipating and he  is looking to an image all the time, an activity. After a while one to recognize that activity or that expectation is probably the chief motivation of the his  functioning as a person  all these are happening within the Waking experience or mind.
Limiting the mind to physical entity and viewing and judging the worldview on the standpoint of the ego or as a person will not lead the seeker towards reality of his true  existence.
If one says that:-
Ø “He distract himself all the time with anticipating and imagining things And takes most of the mental activity that goes on in his life during the day and chucks ninety percent out and be so much better for it and Notices a tremendous psychical dissipation that’s going on. It’s like one has left the electricity on, and he does not need it.” One is just wasting it.
He is thinking all these within the illusory Waking experience as a person. Whatever one thinks and imagines as a person is bound to be illusory.
The reality of the world asserted by some; it is vehemently challenged by others. Mass theories are there, only to get one in tangle.
v The problem is which theory is correct?

v Or even for practice which path is most efficacious religious or yogic or spiritual?
The deeper one delve in theories, religion and yoga the more one flounder in doubts. Not un-often, the dissatisfaction at the whole thing is the result. When the seeker shall seek all day ere he finds them and when he has them, they are not worth the search.
Seeker  should not  bind to any theory; so theoretical doubt will ever assail to the seekers who is in the path of reasoning .  No theory is required to tell one that he exists. The search into the existing Self will keeps away the searches and researches outside the Self. Even as a start, this freedom from theory, religion and yoga and god glorification and scriptural declaration is a great thing.

Apart from the ego there are other questions; what proof one can adduce for the existence of god, or validity of religion?  In modern age religion should satisfy and convince; it cannot afford to assert and demand belief. The confrontation with materialistic fancies or scientific method is no mean problem.

Science can offer spectacular proof of its theories. Technology can give practical means of comfortable living. One cannot ignore the mental satisfaction and material comfort offered by science and technology. The value and impact of scientific method demand recognition. But science is based on the ego as true self and world as reality. Science cannot go beyond the Waking experience because it accepts the unreality as reality.