Monday, April 11, 2011

When the Self is unknown than the universe arises as reality

When the Self is unknown  than the universe  arises as reality , not when it is known. But one  mistakes The unreal  for the real. When one knows the truth, the ignorance  vanishes and reality prevails.

It is Consciousness, alone that appears to be born or to move or to take the form of matter. But Consciousness is really ever unborn, immovable and free from the traits of materiality; it is all peace and non-dual.
Thus the true self is never subject to birth. All beings, too, are free from birth. Those who know this do not fall into false knowledge.
A substance may be the cause of another substance and a non- substance, the cause of another non-substance. But the true self cannot possibly be anything like a substance or a non-substance.
Thus three states are not caused by the mind, nor is the mind caused by them. As long as a person clings to the belief in causality, he will find cause producing effect. But when this attachment to causality wears away, cause and effect become non-existent.