Monday, April 11, 2011

Without knowing what is universe, no one can attain self-realization.

Witness is not to be imagined but proved and realized. One should not assume witness as traditional non-dualists hold. If one gives up the three states then he will not be able to understand, assimilate non-dual truth. If  one analyzes the three states he will get the non-dual  truth.   Thus study of the three states are necessary in pursuit of truth.  Knowing and having conviction  that,  the witness ,which is the soul is in the form of formless, non-dual consciousness as true self  brings unity in diversity.     
Consciousness cannot be attained by one who is without strength or earnestness or without the receptiveness and courage to accept the truth and reject the untruth. But if a serious seeker strives by means of inquiry, analysis and reasoning on the true base, he will be able to realize it.
By realizing Consciousness, the one become satisfied with that Knowledge. He establishes in the true self, and he is free from experiencing the duality as reality and he is in non dual tranquility. Such seeker ever devoted to the Self, behold everywhere the Consciousness.
Having well ascertained the Self, the goal of the Self- knowledge and having perfect understudying, the seekers, never relaxing their efforts, enjoy here supreme Immortality and at the time of the great end attain complete freedom in Consciousness.
When one realizes the fact that, the causes of all the causes is uncaused; and views and judges the worldview on the base of the uncaused, then  everything of the experience of  duality, becomes one with the highest imperishable Consciousness, which is the Self of all.
As flowing rivers disappear in the sea, losing their names and forms, so one is freed from name and form, attains the Consciousness, which is greater than the Great.
He who knows the Consciousness as self verily becomes Consciousness. He overcomes the experience of duality; becomes one with the immortal soul/self/Consciousness.
Who am 'I'? inquiry is not enough. it yields only half truth.  The inner journey is incomplete with Who Am I? inquiry.  to complete  the spiritual  quest,  one has to know what is universe.  
  One has to know what is  universe  and then the formless knower of the universe. Without knowing what is universe, no one can attain self-realization.  Thus, perfect understanding of 'what is what' is necessary. 
Simply assuming and arguing from his own point of view is waste of time. All accumulated knowledge is no use in pursuit of truth.  Instead of arguing one has to find answers for all his doubts and confusions and reflect constantly until he finds un-contraditable truth is the only way to understand,assimilate and realize the non-dual truth.  
 Getting sentimentally involved with guru or teacher and glorifying  guru and surrendering to guru is not the means to acquire self-knowledge. surrendering the guru is religious and yogic concept. in path of wisdom such surrender has no value.   By holding  Gurus teaching as final authority without going into  deeper verification and self search, blindly accepting  with  his own interpretation as truth, is a  greatest hurdle in pursuit of truth.  Nothing has to be accepted without verification even if a greatest thinker says some thing as truth .  The truth has to be ascertained  and verified  and only if it is un-contradictable truth than only accept it as truth.  Blindly accepting  some belief as truth is unacceptable in pursuit of truth, because belief is not truth.
The path of love and path of service humanism are path of emotions.  They are good in worldly life in practical world . there is no need to give up or renounce worldly life or loving the humanity and serving the people. But they are not qualification for self-realization.