Saturday, May 7, 2011

To describe consciousness is to deny his own existence."

When the reasoning base is rectified from form to formless than the judgment and reasoning base also changes from form to formless. 

One has to grasp the subject thoroughly.  No changes can occur in the physical level. Only through deeper understanding, the truth has to be grasped. By listening to sermons or by reading books or by hearing discourses realization will not happen.  By following the guru or sentimentally involving with guru and by hearing his ornamental and inspiring discourses realization will not happen.  

Why Ignorance does not come to pass? The reason is when one is based on the physical based ideas and thought and never relay on the inner revelation, that means his understanding is never very deep. 

Until and unless one learns judge and reason the world-view on the inner core [consciousness] no real change can be wrought. Thus rectifying the reasoning base from for to formless is necessary to assimilate the self-knowledge. 

Character is formed by inner urges based on the form. The illusion arises from the formless core. Thus it is necessary to judge and reason the world-view on the base of the formless core which is consciousness, which is the true self.

 There are two bases one is intellectual and the second is spiritual. The intellectual base is used for the worldly life. The spiritual base is for the understanding and assimilation of self- knowledge. Until the intellectual base is rectified to the spiritual base, there can be no grasping of the non-dual truth.   Thus one has to understand when he judges and reasons the world-view on the base of physical body [ego] as self, he cannot think beyond duality.  If he judges and reasons the world-view on the formless self, then the truth will start unfolding on its own. 

 The eye cannot perceive consciousness. The mind cannot reach consciousness. The gross worldly intellect cannot grasp consciousness. The speech cannot describe consciousness in adequate terms. 

People are baffled in their efforts to describe consciousness. Consciousness is indescribable. To describe consciousness is to deny his own existence." How can a finite intellect grasp the infinite? But consciousness can be directly realized by that seeker who is sharp, subtle and grasping power and learn to judge and reason the world-view on the true self. 

We can only sympathies with a person who has severe bodily pain, but we cannot experience that person's pain. This can be applied to all experiences of personal nature, such as dream, vision and astral. As no one can deny the fact of another person's pain since he personally do not experience it. Similarly, no one can deny validity of any person's personal experience.  

All the experiences such as dream/vision/ astral experiences are true, and no one can deny the fact. However, one has to realize the fact that, the waking is also is similar to a vision or dream or astral experience.   The point is waking/ dream/ vision/ astral are witnessed by one and only formless witness.   In absence of waking entity the dream/vision/ astral are witnessed. The one which is aware of all experiences, which appeared and disappeared is not the form but formless. 

 It is necessary to know the formless witness, which is apart from the waking/dream/ vision and astral.  This is hard to digest in the beginning, but through deeper self-search one will be able to assimilate it. Once one becomes aware of the formless witness, he realizes the fact that, waking/dream/ vision/astral, all are mere mirage, on the standpoint of formless witness, which is in the form of consciousness.

The consciousness exists as formless substance and witness of the three states. Consciousness is the witness of the waking experience and the dream.

In deep sleep when there is no determinate knowledge, but pure consciousness in its formless non-dual true nature. Consciousness witnesses these three states, and it is one, and it is never attached to these experiences and it is apart and it is eternal because it is not an entity or identity or thing within the waking or dream.

Thus self is neither the waking entity nor dream entity Therefore, judging the truth on the base of waking entity  will lead only to imagination and hallucination. Thus, seeker has to learn to judge and reason the truth on the base of the formless witness of the three states, to overcome the ignorance. Without overcoming the ignorance the illusion will be experienced as reality.  Until illusion remains as reality the birth, life, death and the world will be experienced as reality.