Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wisdom is the direct means to the attainment of self -realization

Wisdom is the direct means to the attainment of self -realization, it is necessary to keep in mind the means-end relation. The tool that one chooses must be suitable and appropriate to the end, which he wants to attain. It is not the case that through any tool any end can be attained. On the contrary, what tools has to be chosen and how far it is relevant and appropriate to the end we have in view, must be considered from the point of view of the nature of the end which is to be attained.

 The tool must be warranted by the end. In other words, the choice of the tool as well as its suitability and appropriateness is determined by the end. This point must be borne in mind in understanding and assimilation of non-dual truth.

Mistaking one thing for another or superimposing the attributes of one thing on another is due to ignorance. Not knowing the real nature of the Self which is non-dual, which is existence, knowledge and infinitude, which is free from attributes, which is free from activity, which is neither an agent nor an enjoyer, the ignorance is superimposed on it.

The ignorance is cause of experiencing the illusion as reality.  Ignorance is the root cause of our bondage. So in order to put an end to our bondage and attain liberation from experiencing the illusion as reality, ignorance which is the root cause has to be destroyed; and ignorance can be destroyed only by attaining the self-knowledge, discriminating it from the illusion. Wisdom is the means by which Self -Realization is desired to be attained. Self-realization is the highest end of man since it destroys the root of the ignorance, the cause of the entire universe.  

Through deeper self-search one has to eradicate the foundational ignorance, Self -Knowledge alone is the means to the attainment of liberation from illusion. Only Self -knowledge destroys the ignorance.