Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Advaitic or Nondualistic Truth is un-contradictable

Consciousness pervades not only this body but it pervades the whole universe.  Consciousness pervades through and through" the three states inside, outside, in and through the three states too, because the formless substance and witness of the three states is consciousness.

Scientific inventions say:- 

Why You Are Not Your Brain, and Other Lessons from the Biology of Consciousness
by :AlvaNoƫ. Hill and Wang, 2009

Alva No, a University of California, Berkeley, philosopher and cognitive scientist, argues that after decades of concerted effort on the part of neuroscientists, psychologists and philosophers "only one proposition about how the brain makes us conscious ... has emerged unchallenged: we don't have a clue." The reason we have been unable to explain the neural basis of consciousness, he says, is that it does not take place in the brain. Consciousness is not something that happens inside us but something we achieve it is more like dancing than it is like the digestive process. To understand consciousness the fact that we think and feel and that a world shows up for us we need to look at a larger system of which the brain is only one element. Consciousness requires the joint operation of brain, body and world. "You are not your brain. The brain, rather, is part of what you are."

If the brain [body] is not the self then what is self?  Therefore, there is a need to understand and assimilate the knowledge of the self through deeper inquiry, analysis and reasoning in order to unfold the mystery of the ‘I’. 

One cannot know the truth until one knows the stuff from which the mind is created. The goal of pursuit of truth is to realize the fact that, the true self is not physical but it is the formless soul/ spirit/consciousness.

When one puts aside the imagination and has the thinker-- what does he get with thinking—he can get only a thoughts. Meditation is only an effort; it is imagination, an idea; the soul/consciousness   remaining the same with or without ideas. 

As a person perceiving the world one is unaware of the fact that, he and his experience of the world are within the object.  He as a person is completely unaware of the fact that, he is not the subject at all. The subject is formless and it is apart from the three states.  The subject is not an entity or identity within the three states.   Therefore, judging the truth on the base of the object as self is erroneous.  Such judgement leads to all sorts of speculation, doubts and confusions.  

When one is absorbed in thinking of anything, he is thinking within the object [mind] that which witnesses all these three states is within but always apart.

In the state of ignorance one is unaware of the consciousness because the consciousness is in ignorance of its formless non-dual true nature. 

The moment one knows that the whole universe is consciousness, there is no ignorance. If one knows the self is not the body but the self is formless consciousness, than he becomes aware all the three states are mere mirage created out of consciousness.

The universe is consciousness because it is created out of consciousness.  In ignorance the universe is reality.  Because everyone considers the universe as reality the experience of the birth, life and death, which takes place within the universe, prevails as reality. 
Sri, Sankara says:-

Without causing the objective universe to vanish and without knowing the truth of the Self, how is one to achieve Liberation. [63- VivekaChudamani ]  

Universe will not remain as reality when wisdom dawns. Universe is mere mirage created out of consciousness and there is unity in diversity because there is no second thing exist other than consciousness. 

One thinks he is imprisoned within this body; whereas the body and his experience of the world are within the mind. The consciousness is hidden within the three states but it is without the three states.  The one, which has the awareness of the three states, is not the body but the soul, which is in the form of consciousness. Thus consciousness is not limited to waking experience alone because it pervades all the three states.

The inner most self is God. The inner most self is in the form of consciousness. Consciousness is the true self.  Consciousness is of the nature of knowing.  It is this Universe, which confronts one is the main hurdle. The seeker has to stand on this universe with a firm foot and inquire; and he should include the universe in his inquiry.  Excluding the universe   is not the way to self-knowledge.

Till one knows the ultimate truth is consciousness, one has only the mind, which is in the form of universe. The universe appears as waking or dream and disappears as deep sleep. As person within the waking experience, one believes that he is an individual separate from the world and world existed prior to him and he is born in it later on. Until this conviction is there he believes the experience of the birth, life and death as reality.  Until one believes in birth, life and death the form, time and space will prevail as reality. If the form, time and space prevail as reality than the ignorance prevails. If ignorance prevails than the duality prevails. If duality prevails than the illusion prevails as reality.

If one goes beyond form, time and space, it is nothing but consciousness. Inside and outside universe everywhere is only consciousness. Knowledge, the capacity to know, the consciousness itself makes one aware, of his body, ego and his experience of the universe.

When this universe manifests itself, verily it is consciousness that shines. Consciousness is the formless substance and witness of the universe. When one analyze the ‘mind’ then he will be able to understand this.

Everyone mistake body to be matter and exclude the universe, whereas, the body including the universe is mind.  If the mind is present, than only the universe with all its contents are present.  If the universe and its contents are absent then the mind also is absent.

People think their body alone is matter; they cannot understand that their body and the universe also is matter and the matter is mere illusion created out of consciousness.  They think their body is unreal because they believe in the birth, life and death, which happen within the world and they take world to be real.   Until one takes the world to be reality it becomes difficult to cross the threshold of duality.

Mere saying everything is Brahman is of no use. One has to realize it. If everything is Brahman why does one want anything?

That is why Sri, Sankara says in VivekaChudamani   :- 

63. Without causing the objective universe to vanish and without knowing the truth of the Self, how is one to achieve Liberation by the mere utterance of the word Brahman? — It would result merely in an effort of speech.

One is attached to body he thinks the universe to be real because he is unaware of the fact that,  the universe is within the waking or dream.  The dream universe is limited to dream and waking universe is limited to waking experience. The dream is parallel waking experience and waking is parallel dream.  One thinks the universe is reality is not an appearance but waking and dream are appearances, so he will remain in ignorance experiences the duality as reality.

When the three states are product of ignorance than whatever seen, known, believed and experienced as person of the world is also is product of ignorance.  Thus all accumulated knowledge based on the false self [ego] within the false experience [universe or waking or dream] is falsehood because in reality nothing exist other than consciousness.  Without consciousness the duality ceases to exist. The duality is dependent on non-dual material, which is consciousness. When the self, is in the form of consciousness, consciously remains in its formless non-dual true nature in the midst of duality it is the state of wisdom.   

The ignorance is ever present in waking or dream. Without ignorance the three states ceases to exist as reality. One has to be receptive and have humility to accept the truth. If one sticks to his egocentric attitude it is impossible to grasp, understand, and assimilate and realize the nondual truth.  By getting stuck to orthodoxy and trying to snub others by saying whatever their guru is saying as ultimate truth misleads others who are in search of the truth.

Seeker of truth has to direct realization of the true self, through deeper, inquiry, analysis and reasoning   and avoid losing precious time and effort loosing himself in philosophical studies. 

 Both modern science and religion offer hypotheses and theories but there is one vital difference--science begins with facts which it collects; religion begins with fancies. Science evolves its hypotheses from such facts, religion from fancies.

Science declares that oxygen combines with hydrogen to give water. And it also declares oxygen is protons or electrons. But in pursuit of truth the whole physical existence [universe or mind] is considered as illusion and science and their inventions, which are based on the physical existence is limited to physical existence. The truth is within but it is beyond the physical existence.  The science demands physical proof.  But the physical proof is part of the illusion. Hence science cannot go beyond physicality because the truth cannot be traced with laboratory conditions.  Deeper Inquiry, analysis and reasoning  is required if one  wants to push its quest deeply enough.

Common people and primitive minds fall into faulty thinking through their inherited conditioning , such faulty thinking and reasoning  makes them accept the experience of birth, life and death as reality ; taking what one sees through  the senses  as real, taking what is apparent obvious and superficial as true because it is less troublesome.

Many People adopt the attitude that what   they know is truth. And what others say id false. This attitude makes them not to verify anything other then what they know.   One needs to be rational, not merely logical. Logic is has its value only in physical plane.

As one advances towards spiritual plane he sees the logic underlying experience and becomes more rational. His reasoning is two-fold--implicit and explicit.

There is a need of facts of physical proof in scientific invention, whereas in pursuit of truth the proof has to be grasped mentally and realized.  Therefore, the truth is realized only by few who take this mental pursuit.  “Whatever facts revealed, which is un-contradictable has to be accepted as truth.

The truth based on the formless soul/self is worthwhile; without it, one has something else, not truth.  Most people refuse to venture into pursuit of truth; because they do not want to go into the root of things.

The seeker of truth has to study, inquire and reason in the beginning of the pursuit of truth, because it is absolutely necessary in pursuit of truth.

One has to know the true self is not physical but the formless spirit.  The spirit or soul or the self is in the form of consciousness. Consciousness gives one the awareness of the three states. 

The ignorance of the true self is the cause of experiencing the duality as reality.  The ignorance vanishes through realization of the true Self, which is the soul/spirit. 
Consciousness [true Self] does not lie in our body, in our brain, or our ego, but it is the essence of the dual and non-dual experiences, which comes and goes as waking dream and deep sleep. Thus consciousness pervades in everything and everywhere in all the three states.  Thus limiting the consciousness only to the physical entity is the cause of the ignorance.