Sunday, October 30, 2011

It is the journey of the self or soul within the mirage, towards reality of its formless nondual true nature.

The pursuit of truth, this begins with knowledge of the true self and ends with the realization of the self. To the seeker of the truth, the full significance of the Self Knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana has to be emphasized. Literally Self-Knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana means to eradicate the unreality of the spiritual mysteries and establish in the reality. Those who have studied basics of Self-Knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana  seriously and systematically would no doubt thereby understand the knowledge as the means through which a seeker advances towards the non-dual goal.

Many think the religion and mysticism and yoga and intellectual theories as spiritual pursuit; but spirituality is nothing to do with them, because they all are based on the false entity within the false experience.  The people who really believe the truth pursuit to be actual key to unfold the mystery of the mind are few and far between.

One may pass almost the whole of life reading and discussing about the self, yet he would be not a whit wiser, in absence of the personal guidance and explanation from the qualified guide, about the truth. Since people are in doubt and confusion because of inherited conditioning from their grooming and strongly believe that  the spiritual path is connected to religion, personal gods, saints and sages and they are in hallucination,  by expecting  some mysterious things to happen which brings them happiness in the practical life  life.  But self-knowledge is far from and very high above this jumble of intellectual hopelessness. 

Self knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana  has a standard of its own. Inquiry analysis and reasoning is the only tool to discover, assimilate and realize the Knowledge of Self.  Self knowledge is  the internal but actual inner  pathway within the mind, it is just a mental highway, more in mental than in literary and figurative sense of word; for though it is not exactly like a material road ,yet it is distinctly perceptible to the intellect of a real seeker who actually feels traveling along it, even as a stretch of path is visible to traveler in the physical world.  It is the journey of the self  or soul within the mirage, towards reality of its formless non-dual true nature.

The average man, even those who are versed in philosophy and intellectual theories cannot have idea of the inner path. Only few advanced   in the path of truth who knows what self knowledge is, and reached final stage can guide the aspirant of the truth.  

There is nothing like an accident and a coincidence in experience of duality. Everything looks like going on with great regularity and according to most perfect system. The accidents and coincident appear as such, because of the absence of the knowledge the true self. On the base of the knowledge of the true self , the human experience is mere mirage.

The individual of the world are with in the limits of experience of duality (‘I’ OR MIND). The great religious scholars, scientist and philosophers are within the bound of the experience of duality, which they take it for granted as reality.

Until and unless the knowledge the true self is ascertained, self knowledge remains a subject for intellectual gymnastics for all those who are in the clutches of intoxication of experience of duality, irrespective of intellectual attainment. But by the invisible substance it does not mean the finest form of the matter. What it means by the invisible substance is that although it is a millions of times  more tangibly and substantially existing order of the things, then the matter, there is absolutely no trace of matter or material in the substance which is formless  non-dual in its nature .

Although the experience of duality(I) is outcome of the self and dependent on the later, the self is completely independent of the experience of duality(I). For example whatever individual experiences happening within the duality is dependent on the self, which is not an entity or identity within the experience of duality.

The self is with in the experience of duality as its invisible substance, but it is apart from experience of duality as its invisible witness. It is apart because it is not an entity or identity within the experience of duality (mind). In spite of greeting experience; the experience is dependent on the self, but self is quiet independent of the experience.

In gross sense it is right to call it as invisible substance, because it pervades the whole experience of the diversity. That invisible substance itself is the witness of the experience of diversity, because there is no second thing other then the self. Since, everything is created and witnessed and finally dissolves as one and only substance no second thing exists other then the self, hence it is non-dual.

The Self is completely and absolutely something quiet different from material and physical experience, however fine and faint they may be.  The aspirant of truth has to become aware of the true self, by gradually becoming conscious of the invisible substance of the experience of diversity, means starting the pursuit of truth.

For illustration the dream experience is unconscious experience of the self, similarly the waking is also an unconscious experience of the self, where the self is unaware of its formless non-dual true nature. In other words the waking and dream are the experience of the invisible self. When the self remains consciously in its true state, there is neither Waking nor dream.

Mastering religious and yogic and theoretical knowledge is not all mark of advancement in the pursuit of truth as it is nothing to do with the non-dual wisdom. In order to avoid misunderstanding once for all about the spirituality, one has to remember the fact that the religion and yoga or whatever is based on the ‘I’ as self, is not spirituality. Spirituality is based on the self which is spirit, which is formless and non-dual in its nature. The religion and yoga are based on the form, which is the false identity and spirituality is based on the formless true identity.