Friday, October 28, 2011

The Seeker has to know the Formless witness (Atman or consciousness) of the three states ,which is, unborn, undying

The seeker has to know the Formless witness (Atman or soul or consciousness) of the three states , which is, unborn, undying.  It is never ceasing, never beginning. It is Deathless, birth less, unchanging forever. 

How can it die when it has no form? Same ways as the garments are shed by the body. Illusion (waking or dream) is shed by the Atman or consciousness, which is the innermost self. The waking or dream is a mere illusory veil of the formless  self . In deep sleep it is naked without the illusory veil.  But deep sleep is still the states of ignorance because one becomes aware of the deep sleep experience only in waking experience, which is falsehood from ultimate standpoint.     

Formless witness (Atman or consciousness) not wounded by weapons nor burned by fire not dried by the wind not wetted by water. Atman or consciousness  dwells within the illusion as it as formless substance and witness and remains forever indestructible. The seeker must be free the self from experiencing the duality as reality by realizing the fact that ‘I’ is not the self but Atman is the true self by the firm conviction derived by perfect understanding. 

The seeker must not desire for the fruits of his action he has to perform every action with his focus of attention fixed on the Atman or consciousness, which is the innermost self. He who knows the Atman or consciousness as the innermost self  self becomes even tempered in success and failure pain and pleasure and adversity and happiness.  Therefore seeker has to realize the fact that , Atman as the doer, and then act. That is the secret of non attachment.  

Atman or consciousness  is the true self and true self is the ultimate Reality. Just as the dream is superimposed on the Atman or consciousness  (F.W) the waking experience is also superimposed on Atman or consciousness  (F.W).  Thus the names and forms which appear as the waking experience or dream make up the superimposition. This is the unreal phenomenon. Thus the seeker has to realize the fact the burden of the experience of duality is not on the ‘I’, but on the formless witness of the ‘I’.  

Atman or consciousness  is the unchanging, formless, non-dual Self.  The man within the waking experience thinks the physical body or ‘ego’ as self; but he is unaware of the fact that,  man and the world are present only within the waking or dream.  Thus man and the world are the part of the illusory waking experience.  Until a man thinks himself as self and tries to view and judge the worldview he will not be able to grasp the knowledge of the true self .When one objectively sees this man and that man, this thing and that thing, and is deluded because he not aware of the fact that he and the world are within the waking experience. The author of the whole waking experience is the Atman, not the person. Thus it proves the fact that the burden of duality is not on the person within the waking experience but on the formless witness which witnesses the waking experience as a whole. 

Man is entangled with something or the other in this world. The true self is not the man who perceives the world within the waking experience.  Until and unless this inherited delusion that man is self he is deluded by duality experiences it as reality. Only when he analyzes the three states and becomes aware of the existence of the   formless witness of the three states  and realizes the fact that, the formless witness, which is Atman or consciousness , is the true self , then only he will be able to realize the fact that, duality mere illusion created out of consciousness  and able to focus his attention on the Atman or consciousness, which is the innermost self. 

When one  relates his  identity with some idea, and he is  attached to that being ‘he ’, then he  says that he is  old or young, parent or child, tall or short, rich or poor, etc.… It is man’s habit to take on identities and become attached to them… 

Atman or consciousness the innermost self is unattached, it isn’t identified with any labels, it isn’t attached to anything- it is not entangled with anything at all…’ 

When the seeker dives deeper through inquiry and reasoning on the true base, then he realizes the fact that,  the true self is neither ‘’ego’, nor ‘physical body ’.  And also realizes the fact that ‘I’ is  not limited to the body but 'I' is mind . And mind is in the form of the universe . The universe appears as  whole waking experience  or a dream. 

And again when the seeker reflects on this; his conviction grows firmer. Further he realizes the Atman or  consciousness  is eternal, and it is completely free of all bondage of the experience of duality. Atman or consciousness  is whole, and eternal - forever undecaying and indestructible… 

Make Atman (F.W) as true self and waking experience is mere  illusion as an Affirmation, for your-self. Remembering this reality whenever there is free time, gradually you’ll find you start becoming disengaged and separate from waking experience by viewing and judging the worldview on the base of Atman or consciousness  as self. And when you will re-emerge into this world of tags and identity, you’ll find yourself becoming detached and disinterested in the illusory waking experience of name and form…. 

The FP & IP & Non dualist Blogs and posts  are  posted for the purpose so that by reflecting on them constantly the suggestion goes into the subconscious and it becomes receptive.  Constantly   reflecting on the true self … through reading the messages reverses the thinking process to its source of the ‘I’. When one becomes aware of the fact ‘I’ is not the self but the formless witness is the true self,   then you’ll proclaim on the base of the true  self, ‘Nothing touches the innermost self , the innermost self is  not tarnished by any feelings or impulses.  Innermost Self  is not attached to anything at all…’