Wednesday, October 26, 2011

There is no such thing as cause and effect.

Formless witness does not produce the universe. There is no such thing as cause and effect. There is no production of the universe; there is no such thing as manifestation. “Ignorant think I am manifesting myself. But there is no appearance of reality. Everything is the same, is one. Hence there can be no causality. This is the most difficult to grasp because of egocentric outlook.

The experiences are constantly changing, waking becomes deep sleep and deep sleep becomes dream and constant change is taking place in consciousness.  One thinks, he imagines that there is change going on, that there is causal connection, but in reality it is not so.  So many ramifications are involved in the seemingly simple thing called "cause" that eventually they extend over countless other things throughout the world until finally everything contained in the universe  is included; such is the interdependence of the universe. But this means the ultimate unity of universe; thus no duality remains therefore no cause and effect.  

The cause and effect theory is based on the individuality. Without individuality the cause and effect has no meaning. To explain cause and effect one must be in the world and show something there. It is in the objective world. If God were the cause of anything he should be present in the world also.

The individual is within the world and world appears as waking or dream and disappears as deep sleep. The formless witness of the three states is real.

They mean the body by “I", but it is the formless witness which is the real “self ". Theists dualist did not, or could not analyze further than ‘I’   on this point because they thought the ‘I’ without the body as self.

 He who knows the formless witness of the three states as self, knows it is distinct from cause and effect. If one knows meaning of causality, no karma will affect him. If one thinks that self is   untouched by cause and effect, then they don't affect him because he is not the self.

The Self is quite unconnected with causes and effects because it is mother of all causes but it itself is uncaused. . The waking entity has to be left behind; the soul is something unconnected with the waking entity and the waking world. Then the thought of cause and effect is left with the whole   waking experience.

Cause and effect theory is a super-imposition imposed by theist sages in the past. Those who praise God for answering their prayers or who attribute to some yogi a benefit obtained through his blessings have been people ignorant that causation does not exist as they think it, but it is mere religious fable. Religious scholars deluded by the ego never want accept other than what they know as truth.

All that Science has discovered only gives one an idea of something that is ever passing away; hence if scientists understand this and ask "Is there a Remnant, a Real?” they will come to non-dualistic truth through such soul-centric inquiry.

Everything in this universe will vanish as its formless substance.  Hence one ought not to get attached to the body and the world of the waking experience. Not only the individuals will change die, but all the contents of the universe within the waking experience will vanish as formless non-dual consciousness.  Thus one that becomes waking, dream and deep sleep is nothing but consciousness. Thus consciousness alone is real and three states are mere illusion created out of consciousness.

A seeker has to start with matter (mind or universe) and spirit (soul or consciousness). He has to analyze three states and taking away from it all that is impermanent then he gets at formless witness or consciousness, which is the innermost self. Without the consciousness the three states ceases to exist. The consciousness can exist with or without the three states. It remains without the waking or dream in deep sleep. 

The three states are an object to the formless subject which is consciousness. When seeker is able to make the distinction between formless witness (soul or innermost self) and witnessed (three states) he will understand that every living creature, even animals possess the consciousness (formless witness). In this sense only, he will come to understand that consciousness is present everywhere, provided consciousness is taken to mean the consciousness(formless witness).