Sunday, October 9, 2011

When the seeker is ready than the guidance comes on its own.

When the seeker is ready than  the guidance comes on its own.” An earnest desire to grow and a sense of deep commitment are the hallmarks of one who aspires to be a seeker. When at the core of one’s being a person comes to realize he/she needs to seek a path for coming out of one’s unconscious and conditioned life, mysteriously the guidance appears to guide and shows the way.

 “Relax, and observe mentally that, your body is not ‘Self,’ your ego is not ‘Self,’ you are not ‘Self’.

 You are('I' or 'I AM')  false entity within the false experience. ‘Self ‘is within the universe but ‘Self’ is without universe.

 You are part and parcel of that universe, which appears as waking or dream [duality] and disappears as deep sleep (non-duality) the self is the formless witness which witnesses you[ego] and the universe together.

‘Self’ is just a formless witness of you and your experience of the world. 

This witness is like a mirror. The body and the world are mere reflection on it. 

The mirror is unaffected by the reflection on it. It is its   ultimate non-dual nature.

Once seeker has grasped this truth, once he has walked the path to the innermost core, he will never be the same again. Finally he has to awaken to his formless non-dual true identity.

To the eyes of a Gnani, the whole existence becomes enlightened. A Gnani realizes his body, his ego his experience of the world are one in essence.  That  essence is formless consciousness, which is the innermost self.  The waking and dream reflects in mirror of consciousness without creating any ripples on the mirror when one realizes  the mirror and its reflection are one in essence.

When the wisdom dawns the mind starts melting into the soul. The wisdom destroys all distance between the mind and the soul. Mind becomes a non-existence; it becomes nothingness in the midst of diversity. And that nothingness is the non-dual nature of the consciousness, which is the innermost self.