Sunday, August 19, 2012

The attractive world and the senses that are touch, taste sights, sounds, smells, etc are within the waking or dream(duality).

Man and the universe are part of the illusion, which  is present in the form of  waking or dream. The substance of the waking or  dream  or deep sleep is consciousness. Consciousness  from which these three states arise. To transcend birth, life and death one has to transcend the three states and abide in the eternal substance which is the consciousness(soul).

The terrible fear of death is absent only in deep sleep.  The fear seizes only in deep sleep. Fear is present only when one sees his body and the world in waking or dream. But in dreamless sleep, or when one is under Anastasia.  Fear haunts one only when one is fully “awake” and perceive the world, including his body. 

If one becomes aware of the formless soul, the innermost self and learns to view and judge the three states on the standpoint of the formless soul, the innermost self, than the fear becomes part of the mirage. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the three states and become aware of the fact that, the true self, which witnesses the three states, is apart from the three states.

If one traces this fear to the object, the loss of which gives rise to it, he will find that that object exists within the waking/dream which exists in the form of the mind.

The attractive world and the senses that are touch, taste sights, sounds, smells, etc are within the waking or dream(duality).

People would be too glad to be rid of worldly life and all the problems and inconvenience it creates for them if continued awareness were vouchsafed to them. It is the awareness, the consciousness, and not the body, he fears to lose. Everyone loves existence because it is eternal awareness, which is their own Self.

The seeker of truth has to hold on to the pure awareness right now, while in the body and be free from all fear which is created out illusion.

People want to know about rebirths. Theosophy speaks of 50 to thousands-year intervals between death and rebirth. But all these are imaginations based on the false self(ego or waking entity) within the false experience(waking). There is no relation between the standard of measurements of one state of consciousness and another. All such measurements are hypothetical. It must be distinctly understood that it is not the soul that comes and goes, but the three states which appear and disappear. The three states are mere illusion on the standpoint of the formless witness which is the soul, innermost  self.

On the plane of duality that is in the waking the waking world a waking body exists, in the dream, dream world a dream body exists. In dreamless sleep or in death, it remains wordless and bodiless therefore illusion-less.

The Gnani, the Self- Realized man, whose mind has already ceased to act, remains unaffected by the birth, life death (duality): it has dropped never to rise again as reality. The chain of illusions has snapped forever for him.

It is now clear that there is neither real birth, nor real death. It is the illusion that creates the sense of reality in duality. The sense of reality of the duality will prevail till it is destroyed by Self-Realization.