Sunday, August 26, 2012

When waking entity becomes aware of the fact that, it itself is not the self but the self is the formless soul or consciousness then the reality of the waking drops

Waking is as real as a dream. One has to analyze the three states, not the individual experience happens in the dream and waking. The individual experiences are part of the illusion. Since everyone judges the three states, on base of waking entity, they miss to grasp the non dual truth.

What is it, that witnesses the dream, without the physical body,when the Waking entity or experience, ceases to exist in the dream?

Searching the truth on the base of 'I', as self, is like emptying the ocean drop by drop. Therefore, it is necessary to know What is 'I'? before indulging in pursuit of truth.

The invisible witness of the dream has to be grasped mentally.It needs the sharpness to grasp it. This sharpness comes only through constant inquiry,reasoning and analysis on the true base.

The waking is parallel dream and dream is a parallel Waking experience. If one indulges on the base of theories and keep arguing on the base of false Waking identity, one will not be able to grasp the non dual witness, which is the true self.

The dream and waking both are an object to the self. The self is ever independent and apart from the experience of duality,which is present as dream or waking.

The self is within the experience of dream and waking, as its invisible substance, and it is apart from the waking or dream experience, as its invisible witness.It is apart because it is not an entity or identity within the Waking experience.

Since,most people accept their arrived intellectual theories, based on the physical false self, they are not receptive to accept anything other than their accepted truth.

Only those seekers, who tried all paths practices and tired of intellectual arguments and find it inadequate and useless to quench their spiritual thirst.And if they are sincerely and seriously searching for the ultimate truth, by dropping all their intellectual accumulated dross, will be able to grasp and realize the ultimate truth.

It is necessary for the seeker to try everything and make sure for himself that, they all are inadequate and useless, before indulging in pursuit of non dual truth.

Master of non dual truth, Nirakara said: The truth will not be revealed to those, who base themselves on birth, life and death, which they hold as reality and search the truth of the false physical identity, which is the part of the illusory experience.

All the theories and intellectual arguments will keep one in the clutches of duality, therefore one will not be able to cross the boundaries of duality, and able to go beyond.

It is necessary for the truth seekers make sure, what is truth and what is not truth, to realize the non dual truth and reject the untruth, which is the duality or mind.

It is the same invisible witness who witnesses the dream, witnesses the Waking also. it takes years of mental practice to view and judge the Waking and dream on the standpoint of the invisible witness.

In reality there is neither the witness nor the witnessed exist. Everything is merged and prevail as non dual truth. The ice remains as ice, until it is melted. Likewise the duality remains as duality, until the ultimate truth is realized.

When waking entity becomes aware of the fact that, it itself is not the self but the self is the formless soul or consciousness then the reality of the waking drops.  The soul or consciousness is the formless witness of the coming and going of the three states. The formless witness is also the substance of the three states. Thus in reality the formless witness and substance are one in essence.   In reality all the three states are one in essence. Therefore, the three states are mere mirage created out of consciousness, the innermost self.