Monday, September 24, 2012

People, who claim that their doubts vanish merely by sitting in the presence of a yogi, have merely been hypnotized***

People, who claim that their doubts vanish merely by sitting in the presence of a yogi, have merely been hypnotized.
Religion and mysticism are a species of mesmerism affecting weaker or impressionable minds. The complete and impressive array of a Guru’s religious robes lifestyle creates unconscious suggestion in the weaker mindset of a superior power or magical knowledge.
The visitors to ashrams are suggested into thinking they experience great peace because they are unconsciously hypnotized into believing that will happen. But when a strong disciplined philosophic mind meets a Guru or visits an ashram, he is entirely unaffected.
People think that by meeting Gurus and yogis and by visiting the Ashrams they feel much peace as a result. But such peace and feeling is nothing to with the ultimate truth or Brahman. That is only hallucinated peace. Such hallucinated peace has nothing t to do with the question of truth. The person, who had eaten well, may also feel much satisfaction and contentment; his feeling is similar to the yogi. Such feeling and satisfaction are a reality within the duality. The duality is not a reality from the standpoint of Soul, the innermost ‘Self’.
When the follower of the mysticism sits before the yogic-Guru, he may see all kinds of visions; the explanation is that he expects certain experiences and gets them, or else the Guru suggests them; the mind of the follower creates the entire experience. It is precisely the same as experiences of a hypnotic subject, which are the consequences of a stronger mindset working on a weaker one.
Without a prior suggestion, it is impossible impress, people. So, there must be the prior suggestion strongly felt and accepted that one is entering the presence of a powerful yogi. Otherwise, the words or person of a yogi will fail to impress the visitors; all the visions, experiences etc., which afterward occur are a matter of suggestibility.
Believers of religion and mysticism who are anxious for a mystic or occult experience often get it. But it is only a mental construction of their own, suggested originally from outside.
Suggestions may even come to one from a book or someone or read or seen, and thinking of them a number of times; then when he meet and sit before a yogic Guru for the first time, the suggestion comes up from the past or subconscious and gives you vision or mystic experience. The whole thing is a super-imposition. So the he is led by constant dwelling on a thought, to the manufacture of it as a projected experience. The complex overcomes them.