Friday, March 22, 2013

Adyathmic Discussion-361 ( I is not the self)

When self is neither the waking entity (ego) nor 'I' than 'WHO AM 'I'? Inquiry will not yield the full truth because it yields only fallacy of the form, not time and space.

When one realizes the self is not ‘I’ but the self is the formless substance and the witness of the ‘I’, he is freed from the attachment to results and then whatever he does it detached work. Similarly, when he recognizes that consciousness is everywhere and in everything in all the three states than that very recognition leads to a total dissolution of the ignorance and leads to nondual self-awareness. 

What is the use of WHO AM I? , inquiry when ‘I’ itself is an illusion. --FORMLESS PATH
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  • Trev Light Bown But what if the "I" you refer to is not the "I" all the sages refer to.
    "I Am that I Am" has nothing to do with the mind made "me" false sense of "I".
    But you will repeat this untruth until the sheep blah "moo".
  • Santthosh Kumaar Till you hold ‘I’ as self, you will never be able to acquire Self-knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana. You are the waking entity (ego). You are the false self (ego) within the false experience (waking). The dream entity and dream world are reality within the dream. Similarly the waking entity and waking world are reality within the waking. The dream become unreal when waking takes place. Similarly the waking becomes unreal when waking entity becomes aware of the fact that, it itself is not the self. If the waking entity is not the self than the waking experience is bound to be falsehood. You are part of the waking experience thus you are part of the illusion. 

    Just because you believe in some spiritual teaching because they hold ‘I’ as self:- 

    1. It is repeatedly recited,
    2. It is written in a scripture,
    3. It was handed from guru to disciple,
    4. Everyone around you believes it,
    5. It has supernatural qualities,
    6. It fits my beliefs anyway,
    7. It sounds rational to me,
    8. It is taught by a respectable person,
    9. It was said to be the truth by the teacher,
    10. One must defend it or fight for it.

    But you are unaware of the fact that ‘I’ itself is not the self. 'I’ is cause of the ignorance. Getting rid of the ignorance is very much necessary in pursuit of truth. 
    Non-dualistic truth is supreme truth; all dualistic systems hold false self [ego] as real self and false experience [universe or waking] as reality. Non- dualistic wisdom is culmination of all systems including theistic non-duality. The true non-dualist will not quarrel and argue with any theoretical philosophy because he is fully aware of the fact that, this orthodox theistic non-dualistic scholars or pundits like Dualist sages could not distinguish between ‘I’ and ‘formless witness.’ The 'I' was the witness. Their highest was the Jiva. One is so much attached to the 'I' that he do not want to think that 'I' does not exist. Again one is unable to detach the ‘I’ from the Real witness. 

    There is need to study the scriptures. One has to self-search the truth and realize it without the scriptures. And then when he reads the scriptures he becomes aware the scriptures are also saying the same thing but everything is misinterpreted. 

    Thus holding the ‘I’ or ‘I AM’ as self and trying to assimilate the Self-Knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana will not yield any fruit. Thus deeper verification is very much necessary to drop the ‘I’ or ‘I AM THAT – declared by the sages in the past which are useful only in lower stages.