Saturday, March 23, 2013

Adyathmic Discussion -364

  • Trev Light Bown "By activating Kundalini power one does not get non-dual wisdom.".
    Who is the "one" not able to get Non Dual wisdom.?
    "One" does not exist in Non Duality."

  • Santthosh Kumaar The one who is born,lives and dies is not the self. The self is the formless substnce and witness of the illusion.In reality the substence and witness are one in essence. That essence is conciousness(soul). When the soul, the innermost wakes up in its formless nondual true nature in the midst of duality then the waking experince is mere an illusion. Thus only through wisdom the soul the innermost self wakes up in to reality no other means. Thus the seeker ,seeking and the destination are made of the same essence.There is no secondthing exists other than that essence .That essence is conciousness. the conciousness(Atman) is Brahman or God.