Friday, March 22, 2013

It has not been possible to preach Advaitic wisdom entirely free from the settings of dualistic weakness.***

Swami Vivekananda:~ The Higher your ideal is, the more miserable you are,' for such a thing as an ideal cannot be attained in the world ~ or in this life, even. He who wants perfection in the world is a madman — for it cannot be. How can you find the infinite in the finite?

It has not been possible to preach Advaitic wisdom  entirely free from the settings of dualistic weakness it has not been more operative and useful to mankind at large because only few will be able to grasp and realize it.

'To realize the Advaitic Truth a freer and fuller scope the seeker has to realize the form, time and space are one in essence. And that essence is consciousness. And the soul, the innermost self is present in the form of consciousness.   

To realize the Advaitic truth the seeker has to be free from all superstitions and orthodox contaminations. The seeker has to be dedicated to acquire Self-knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana   alone.'

A  Gnani will easily appreciate the high flights of Sage Sri, Sankara’s Advaitic wisdom is one of the 'most majestic structures and valuable products of the Genius of man in his search for Truth. 

The seeker has to think deeply and realize the fact that, the consciousness is the innermost self and unborn witness.  Thus, the body, ego and the world are nothing to do with unborn witness, which is ever formless. But body, ego and the world are mere mirage created out of consciousness, which is the innermost self.

The seeker gradually begins to accept the unreal nature of the mind or  the universe, which appears in the form of waking experience.  

That which blocks the way of acceptance of the non-dualistic truth even the most thinkers are the ego. If thinkers realize the fact that ,  their  body, ego and their experience of the  world are created out of  single stuff than  it is possible for them to   grasp the non-dualistic truth  in lesser time and effort . One has to verify whatever he knows is truth or not before declaring whatever he knows is ultimate truth or Brahma.

The main reason why egocentricity prevents such understanding is that it causes a person to be strongly attached in the belief that consciousness is the support of the individual.

Dualist sages could not distinguish between ‘I’ and ‘formless witness.’ The 'I' was the witness. Their highest was the Jiva. One is so much attached to the 'I' that he does not want to think that 'I' does not exist. Again one is unable to detach the ‘I’ from the Real witness.

 Whatever is born, lives and dies within the illusory waking experience.  The birth, life, death and the world are reality within the waking experience.  The  experience of the birth, life, death and world are reality within the waking experience. The waking experience is mere falsehood from the ultimate standpoint.  There is no use thinking how the body functions or with what body functions. The dream body functions within the dream and the  waking body functions within the waking experience.   

 One has to find out what powers the dream as a whole to realize the same power, powers the waking as whole.  The one who knows all the three states are one in essence also aware of the fact that the form, time and space are one in essence and that essence is  the consciousness, which is the innermost self.  When one realizes the innermost self is not the body, but formless consciousness than: where is the body, where is the world in taintless consciousness. They are or have become consciousness, which ultimate truth or Brahman.