Friday, April 12, 2013

Adyathmic Discussion:- 397 (What is Gnana?)

Trev Light Bown:- You say you see potential Gnani in myself, but do I not argue with everything you say. Ok I now accept I resonate with most of it.

I now realize that a lot is lost in translation. But also the mental box is always constructed of I know the truth for certain and everyone else is wrong.

In non-Duality. "This is all there is!"

Nothing more than Gnani.

SK: ~

What is Gnana? 

Gnana is knowledge of the single stuff. The stuff is consciousness. The consciousness is only one. One becomes many and many become One.  That is the soul (self) becomes mind (universe) and the universe becomes the soul.  The universe is present in the form of matter and the soul is present in the form of spirit.  The spirit becomes matter and matter becomes spirit.  The matter and spirit are one in essence.  The matter is unreal and impermanent. The spirit (consciousness) is real and permanent.   There is no second thing other than the spirit.  The spirit is ultimate truth or Brahman or God or Christ or God.  The spirit is the innermost self.  Therefore, your innermost self is Brahman or Christ or God.

To know this simple truth it is very difficult because people are intoxicated in the prison of duality. This intoxicating stuff is ‘I’. ‘I’ intoxicate 5000 times more than LSD or any other intoxicating stuff.   Thus, the seeker of truth has to get rid of the intoxication of this ‘I’ which causes ignorance. Till ignorance is there everyone is intoxicated and experiences the duality as reality. Thus, self-knowledge or Brahma Gnana is necessary   to realize the duality (universe) is created out of nondual stuff, which is  the consciousness.   

Perfect understanding of what is what leads to Nondualistc or Advaitic bliss or self-awareness in the midst of duality. thus there is a need to follow the formless path ,which is your inner path to realize ultimate truth or Brahman or God or Christ here(in this very life)  and now(not in the next world or next life).

Nonduality or Advaita cannot be spoken…it means not two. There cannot be any division. In Advaita…hence the moment it is spoken as any other subject the whole point is lost.

The SELF  is realized when the waking entity realizes it itself is not the self but the self is the formless soul . Thus it is the soul , that has to   awake itself from its ignorance. 

The soul, the innermost self  is unborn, dreamless, sleepless, and motionless; and is beyond duality. It is cognition at its purest. Thus self-realzation is God Realization. 

The Formless Soul is is Brahman or God.  This is the core of nondualistc or Advaitic wisdom.