Saturday, April 27, 2013

Adyatmic discussion -- 411***

Trev light Bown:- Parveen is talking about the teachings of Yogananda. Are you saying this man is mistaken as he has lived a life of Christ.You deny Krya Yoga and Babaji so what is your view on Yogananda.? I myself either agree or disagree. But I am hearing more truth from you than Yogananda. 

SK: -I respect Parmhansa Yogananda.   Parmahansa Yogananada (PY) was a grand master of yoga.  His 180 lessons YSS (India) SRF (Rest of the world is a great contribution . He has covered almost all subjects  most of it scientifically. Anyone who reads his book autobiography of a yogi  definitely attracted towards Indian spirituality. To know more about Yogaananda  one has to read the autobiography  of the Western yogi by Swami  Kriyananda(direct disciple of PY (passed away a few weeks back.   Most people never knew about Babaji  till about 30 years back. Now days most of the crooks in northern India claim  they had Darshan   of Babaji and they spoke to Babaji in Kumbha Mela  and they started cheating people.   

A few years back I visited Yagoda Ashram in Ranchi the Indian headquarters of Yogananada, I met some senior well educated  sanyasis  who was practicing for last 30 years and more.  They said  they are still waiting for the day.  Most of the people when they read about Babaji start hallucinating to get the same experience of PY . Anyway those who are attracted to yogic path Yogananda’s path is the best path.

The path of wisdom is nothing to do with path of yoga. Yoga can yield only duality, because everything that one can do or practice becomes a vanishing 'known.' It yields relative truth based on imagination, which is true from a dualistic perspective. One  non-dualistic perspective the duality is mere an illusion.   

BRIH. UPANISAD: page 32. "Yoga does not yield truth or liberation.  

The illuminations gained from yoga or by trance states are always temporary. 

BRIHAD UP. Page 133 1st para : - even yoga cannot give perfect concentration and that the only way to gain it is philosophical realization. 

Mandukya Up: _  yoga can no more succeed than the ocean can be emptied with a blade of grass. 

Sage Sankara says : -  Yoga is not the means of liberation. (P -132-133 of his commentary on Brihadaranyakopanishad).  

Mandukya ( p. 231): -  Those that want ultimate truth Brahman will not practice control of mind.   

As per the scriptures  the three "Ashrams" or stages in life were originally intended for three grades of intelligence thus:

        Religion: low intellects had to do 'karmas' works, ritual actions, chanting of mantras and indulging in Bajans and prayers etc.

        Middle intellects:  Yoga: taking sanyasa and wearing  yellow robes, going to the caves, ashrams etc. 

        High intellects: Philosophy: who wanted truth are concerned with no external rites or sanyasa but depend solely on intelligent inquiry for their path. 

All paths are meant for different types of mindset.  Thus one has to choose whatever path he is attracted gives him satisfaction. Mixing up one path with another leads to all sorts of confusion. The path truth or wisdom is nothing to do with devotional and yogic or any other path.