Saturday, May 4, 2013

Adyathmic Discussin -414 ( A Gnani sees only unity in diversity)

Trev Light Bown:- Thanks for your replies to questions.

I have no doubt that formless witness is true self.

Yet that knowing does not make a Gnani. Meditation I have always found a chore so to speak. Yet being aware and present may be easier for western minds..

My next question is again about the do-er. How can we make decisions when "we" as a person is a fallacy por illusion. The decisions we think we make happen automatically most of the time from conditioned reactions. Even the thoughts we think are not our belongings. I see this world of duality totally manifestations of past karmic reactions. Yes I agree with you that Gnani awakens out of this mind turbulence and is then formless non duality eternally unaffected.

But by you dismissing Karma as a working out of duality effects you create a missing link in my theory.

Dearest Trev,

Thank you for your soothing world.

I respect your opinion. There is no need to accept what ‘I’ say. Nothing has to be accepted as truth without verification. Nothing has to be judged by making some guru, some  teacher or some teaching as a yardstick.  There are diverse teachings in India with many famous gurus and yogi’s people can  choose their path  whichever pleases them.  All egocentric paths and practices are for the mass who are stuck with the reality of the world because they take it as real. And path of wisdom  or reason is for class who are ready and receptive to acquire self- knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana.  Self-knowledge or Brahma  Gnana or Atma Gnana is not some theory based on the ego(waking entity)  such as Karma and Creation and  Creator, Cause and effect. All these theories are based on dualistic perspective.
A Gnani has never claimed he is a Gnani. A Gnani being in the illusion he is not of the illusion. Doer and doing and the world are all within the dualistic illusion.  With perfect equanimity, even in practical life within the practical world a Gnani attends all his worldly duties like any other commoner. He may have sorrows but he is in perfect equanimity because he is aware of the fact that, the physical awareness is mere illusion created out of the soul, the innermost self. He is fully aware his physical life started within the illusion and ends within the illusion. When it ends then the soul, the innermost is free from experiencing the form, time and space as reality. When the non-duality is viewed and judged on dualistic perspective it is impossible to acquire self-knowledge. The people who wait for something to happen automatically will not be able to cross the threshold of duality.  The self-realization depends on the seeker. The seeker cannot decide who is Gnani and who is A Gnani seeker has yet to acquire Gnana.   

The self is without the body and without the world.  The universe ceases to exist without the consciousness because the consciousness itself is the universe. People are unaware of the fact that, whatever the universe contains is also consciousness. The thought and the thinker, the individual experience of the birth, life and death, and the idea of personalized god, doer, doing are part of the universe.  Thus all these are also consciousness. Thus the whole universe is created out of the single stuff. Since people are stuck with the reality of the form, time and space they experience the duality as reality. On Non-dualistic perspective the duality is mere an illusion. 

When the self is birthless then the question karma Rebirth does not arise. When the present birth and experience of the  itself an illusion then  how can the karma done within the illusion is bound to be an illusion.  I  have mentioned in my many posts about everything and  on every angle.  Realize your body, your ego, your experience of the world with all its contents are mere illusion created of the single stuff and that single stuff is consciousness. And there is no second thing thing exists other than consciousness then where is your body. Your ego, your experience of the world along with all its contents.   

A Gnani sees only unity in diversity, just like a goldsmith estimating the gold in various items of jewelery sees only gold. When one identifies the self with the form then only the form, time and space are present. But when one   transcend form, time and space the duality never remain as reality --FORMLESS PATH