Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Adyathmic Discussion--401 (Nothingness is the nature of the soul)***

Dear Santthosh

So, would it be right to say the waking world is an illusion similar to the dream world?

And the illusory (or unreal) world appears within the Real? (or Soul)

Therefore,this life is an illusion appearing within consciousness.

And the time is an illusion appearing within Timeless Presence.

And the form is an illusion appearing within the Formless.
And the birth is an illusion appearing within the Unborn.
And death is an illusion appearing within the Deathless.

Therefore the self (ego) is an illusion appearing within the True Self (or Soul)

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Santthoshkumaar Kumaar
Santthoshkumaar Kumaar

The soul, the innermost self is the subject, not an object (three states). All moments, change, difference, conflicts and ego, the false self and experiences are happening within in the object. The subject is apart and unaffected, because it is not an entity or identity within the object. Until one considers the ego as self or the subject, it leads to intellectuality or egocentricity. And one thinks the form is formless and the formless is the  form within the object.

When the wisdom dawns one becomes fully aware there is nothing ever existed, noting exists, and nothing is going to exist other than the formless soul or spirit. Therefore, the experience of diversity is a mere mirage, which appears and disappears as mind. Within the mind, the man perceives the world. Nothingness is the nature of the soul, the innermost self.

Nothingness (Soul or consciousness) is the formless substance and witness of the mirage (three states). Realizing the fact that, the soul is the self, and then the mirage (ignorance) vanishes to its unadulterated non-dual nature. The one who is writing and the one who is reading is part of the mirage. The beyond is within the mirage and it is without the mirage.