Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The universe and the idea of God are dependent on the man for their existence***

People think, by visiting gurus, saints and sages and yogis, by  indulging in  glorifying  God and Guru, by   yogic practice  or by meditation they get enlightenment. But all these are only for the people who are unable to investigate through deeper self-search. 

·         How the god and the universe can exist without the man?

The universe and the idea of God are dependent on the man for their existence. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate one’s own existence to verify the existence of  the universe and God.

Man ceases to exist without the mind. Therefore, it proves that  the Man, God, and the universe cease to exist without the mind. And it also it proves that all these things together is mind.  Thus,  the experience of duality which present as the waking state is mind. The mind which appears and disappears, means it becomes dual and non-dual. Therefore, it is for the seeker to discover and realize what is the mind in order to unfold the mystery of his own existence.

People are thinking,  by killing the ego one can get enlightenment,  therefore they involve in all types of acrobats prescribed by the religious scriptures, gurus and yogis.  But is it is impossible to overcome the ego. Ego man and the world,  the  idea of god and whatever known and seen are within the mind. And the mind is Waking experience. Therefore, one has to overcome the mind or experience of duality in order to realize the true identity which is non-dual Ataman or the Spirit.

All these experiences as father, son, guru, and pupil were one and the same consciousness appearing differently. All these distinctions disappear when one realizes the ultimate truth.

In the dream the mountain which is apparently insentient and material, is nevertheless still your mind alone. Whether living or dead, conscious or unconscious thought or matter; all things are appearances of one and the same consciousness. All these distinctions are seen by Gnani as only the consciousness. : ~ Santthosh Kumaar

Man has to make sure whether he is man or mind through inquiry and reasoning, then only he will become aware of the fact that he is not a man but the mind. Therefore, his physical identity that is ‘I’ is not the Self. Therefore, searching the self by inquiring who am ’ I ’ not yielding results, until and unless one knows what ‘I’ really is? Therefore, searching truth as a person on the base of ‘my’ is erroneous.

The ‘I’ is the ignorance. Till one hold the ‘I’ as self it is impossible to acquire Self-knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana.  Thus,   the seeker has to get rid of the ignorance, which is present in the form of ‘I’, in order to realize the ultimate truth or Brahman. : ~ Santthosh Kumaar

It is very much necessary to know what mind is in order to know the man and his experience of the universe and his idea of god and religion and whatever seen and known are part of the illusory experience which is present as Waking state. The witness and the substance of the illusory waking experience is formless and non-dual that is Ataman or Spirit. To realize the Ataman or  the Spirit, the  soulcentric reasoning is only the tool.

The Man within the illusory duality recognizes his body as body, his ego as ego, his experience of the world as the world, he is unaware of the fact that, he is the product of the ignorance. Once the ignorance vanishes through the wisdom, then the body will not remain as a body, the ego will not remain as the ego, the world will not remain as the world, because everything merges into the substance from which they are created. That substance is the soul, which is present in the form of the consciousness. The consciousness is ultimate reality or Brahman. It is necessary to drop all accumulated knowledge which is blocking our realization.   Only through perfect understanding of ‘what is what’ leads to the  nondualistic or Advaitic self-awareness.