Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Advaita is the nature of the Soul the innermost Self***

The seeker should be aware of everything that is untrue: stick to the truth and he shall succeed, maybe slowly, but surely

If you are trying to become a Guru or Monk then you are unfit to acquire Self-knowledge. Someone posing as a Gnani because he is some Gurus’ a direct disciple cannot be a Gnani. Those who pose themselves as a Gnanis are not Gnanis.  A Gnani never poses himself as a Guru, a swami, a sadhu or a yogi or some Guru’s disciple. 

Different Gurus and teachers are pointing out the understanding of the Advaitic truth on different standpoint. All such understanding of Advaita is on dualistic perspective accumulated from here and there.

Sage Sri, Sankara: ~ "Though I wear these robes of a Sanyasin, it is only for the sake of bread."

Sage Sri, Sankara: ~ A Gnani "bears no outward mark of a holy man" (Stanza 539).

Thus, it proves that the religious Gurus and yogis are not Gnanis because they identified themselves as holy people. 

A Gnani never claims himself as a Gnani, he guides   the seekers, not posing himself as a Guru, and he does not force his wisdom on others.

Advaita is not a theory or a philosophy. Advaita is the nature of the Soul the innermost Self.  There is no need for any theory or philosophy or scriptures to acquire Self-knowledge. Only a perfect understanding of ‘what is what’ is needed.
Sage Sri, Sankara:~ 'Like a servant who carries a lamp in front of you to find your way, and you have found it, so becomes the Veda to that person. What is the Veda? ~ utterances of those who have known the Truth. Here is one who has known the Truth; why should he or she depend upon the Veda further? Actual realization takes you beyond books. At a certain stage, books become  a botheration. The Upanishad itself says that the 'words are only so much of distraction for such minds'
Buddha: ~ Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders.

You need not become a Guru or a monk to acquire Self-knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana. You have not to renounce the world or to leave anything ~ your wife, children, job, responsibilities. You do not have to renounce anything! The only thing you have to realize the truth, which is beyond the form, time and space by realizing the form, time and space are the product of ignorance. When the ignorance vanishes, the unreality of the form, time and space are  exposed.

Upanishad's say:~  "He who thinks he knows, does not know." This means that to know anything implies a second, an object of knowledge, hence duality, i.e. no Gnana.

Tripura Rahasya: ~ Second-hand knowledge of the Self-gathered from books or Gurus can never emancipate a man until its truth is rightly investigated and applied; only direct realization will do that. Realise yourself, turning the mind inward. (18: 89)