Monday, July 6, 2015

Ashtavakra Gita: ~ The universe rises from the Self like bubbles from the sea***

The look of an object will depend upon the medium through which the observer views it. In fact, our mental and intellectual conditions determine the object (three states), observed and experienced.  The commoner viewing the world will see differently from a Gnani viewing the same world. Each one interprets the world that they see in terms of their existing knowledge. The commoner sees everything based on the ego therefore he sees the world in which he exists as a reality, whereas a Gnani sees everything as the consciousness and he is fully aware of the fact that, there is no second thing exists other than the Soul or the consciousness (subject). Thus, all the objective observation has to be bifurcated to realize the ultimate truth, which is beyond form, time, and space.

Only on the dualistic perspective the changes takes place. On nondualistic perspective, there are no changes.  Those who believe in the dualistic world as a reality feels the knowledge changes time to time but they must realize their knowledge is limited to the form time and space whereas the Self-knowledge is  the knowledge of the beyond the form, time, and space.

The change is possible only in ignorance. The ignorance is the cause of experiencing the world in which exist as a reality.   The consciousness is the cause of the world in which we exists and it itself is uncaused.

The world in which we exist is dependent on the consciousness for its existence but the Soul, which is present in the form of the consciousness, is independent.  On the standpoint of the Soul, the innermost Self, the world in which we exist is mere an illusion.

 Only within the illusion the changes takes place, the illusory changes within the illusion is bound to be an illusion. In reality, the consciousness alone is real and eternal. Thus, the knowledge of the eternal will be always eternal. The intellectual knowledge based on the form, time and space is bound to change time to time as science progresses in its dualistic inventions.     

The consciousness is ever changeless because it is formless, timeless and spaceless existence.  :

The consciousness permeates everything and everywhere in all the three states.  The consciousness illumines the whole universe that includes the Sun, Moon, and the whole galaxy.

The consciousness pervades the entire Universe outwardly and shines of itself, as the fire that permeates a red-hot iron ball both inwardly and outwardly shines of itself. There exists nothing that is not the consciousness.

People perform all their actions in and through consciousness, but they are ignorant of the Soul, the innermost Self. The Soul is present in the form of the consciousness. On the standpoint of the Soul, the innermost Self, the universe in which we exist is mere an illusion.

 From illusion springs separation wherein the experience of birth, life, death and the world have root. 

Ashtavakra Gita: ~ The universe rises from the Self like bubbles from the sea. Thus, know the Self to be ‘One’ and in this way enter into the state of dissolution."

For the Gnani who realize everything as the consciousness, what is there to meditate or not to meditate, what to speak or not to speak, what to do or not to do? Those who give up the highest and purest Brahmic consciousness live in vain and though human, are like into beasts. Having turned the visible into the invisible, one should realize everything to be consciousness itself.

 A  Gnani always dwells in nondual awareness. The ever-existent Soul or consciousness shining within the three states can be realized only through Self -knowledge or Brahma Gnana or Atma Gnana.  The Self indeed are this Soul, which is present in the form of consciousness, not the phenomenal universe which is present in the form of the mind.