Friday, June 18, 2010

When one beholds the consciousness, then he, drops the duality

When one beholds the consciousness as self,  then  he, drops the duality, becomes stainless and reaches the supreme unity. 

Consciousness indeed is life; it shines forth variously in all beings. A Gnani, who knows it, does not babble. Revelling in the consciousness, delighting in the consciousness, performing actions, he is the knower of the ultimate truth.  

This consciousness is one without the second, whom the Gnani behold dwells  within the three states, is attained by unceasing practice of inquiry, analysis and reasoning and moving at right direction and assimilating the  right knowledge . 

Truth alone prevails, not falsehood. By truth the path is laid out, the Way of the non-duality, on which the Gnanis, every desire is satisfied, proceed to the ultimate reality.  

Consciousness shines forth, vast, self—luminous, inconceivable, subtler than the subtle. Consciousness is far beyond what is far and yet very near. Consciousness dwells in the mind as its formless substance and witness.  

Consciousness is grasped neither by the eye, nor by speech, nor by the other senses, nor by penance or good deeds. A man becomes pure through serenity of intellect; thereupon, in wisdom, he beholds it which is without any division.  

That subtle consciousness is to be known by the intellect here in the waking experience. Consciousness pervades all the three states. When the reason is rectified from form to formless, consciousness starts revealing itself.