Thursday, September 16, 2010

The religion, yoga or modern science is no way related to pursuit of truth or “Self Realization.

The journey of “Self Realization “begins with the first step. It is very much necessary to discuss the basics, whether “Self Realization” is related to religion, yoga and modern science or any other subject. The religion, yoga or modern science is no way related to pursuit of truth   or “Self Realization.

In the formative years, the religious propensities of an individual are shaped and formed initially by parents, which is substantial. These inherited religious samskaras or conditioning  handed down as a precious legacy from one generation to the next generation.

Religion conditions the mind into man. Man into personality, to be, to behave, to believe and to live as a person in the world, which is duality. Therefore religion is only a mind game. Thus with religious worship, rituals, prayers, way of living it is impossible to unfold the truth of the true existence, because religion is based on the false self within the false experience.

Leading life of religious orthodoxy in strict accordance with moral and ethical conduct is only good and helpful lead a life within the world, which is part of the illusory Waking experience. Orthodox way of life is not a qualification for realization of truth. All these religious and yogic conducts like faith, belief, devotion, service, and yogic-Samadhi will make the seeker of truth lull into spiritual inactivity.

Ultimate reality is not religious propagated belief of God but it is  the formless soul,which is present in the form of consciousness.  Consciousness  the formless substance and witness of the mind. mind is present in the form of universe . Universe   appears as  waking or dream(duality) and disappears as deep sleep(non-duality).

The religion is built on the imaginary divine entity called God for creating faith to inspire and promote the belief.  It introduced its code of conduct and rituals to help people who are not fit enough to think beyond. Thus religion creates its own pedigree to help people to live in harmony and build a cultured society. But religion, scriptures and its beliefs are nothing to do with spirituality or truth seeking. 

The consciousness exists as the substance and witness of the mind or  universe. The three states are mere mirage created out of consciousness.  Therefore, the person, universe, god, and religion are part and parcel of that mirage. The mirage is dependent on consciousness whereas the consciousness independent.  Thus consciousness is ultimate truth or Brahman. The individual god is mere imagination based on the false self within the false experience.