Sunday, November 28, 2010

What is the use of saying 'I AM NOT THIS' or 'I AM THAT' without realizing what 'SELF really is.

The deeper self-search  reveals that:-

Man and his experience of the world are within mind. mind is in the form of universe. universe is  present itself as  the whole experience of Waking or dream.  The self is neither the waking entity nor the self is dream entity but the self is the formless soul ,which witnesses,  the the three states,  without the physical apparatus. 

Limiting the self waking entity  and waking experience alone  is cause of ignorance because the formless  soul  or consciousness , the innermost self  pervades all the three states.   It is necessary to understand and realize the waking entity is not the self,  because the waking entity is false self within the false experience.  Whatever seen,known ,believed and experienced as waking entity(YOU) is bound to be falsehood.  All the theories based on the waking entity is falsehood.   therefore it is necessary to realize 'YOU' are not the self. YOU are waking entity . and waking entity is false self within the false experience. What is the use of saying 'I AM  NOT THIS' or 'I AM THAT'  without realizing what 'SELF really is.

 People think mind is within the body whereas the mind is the whole universe,which appears as waking or dream. The mind is an experience, tracing the formless knower of the mind leads one to unfold the truth of his true existence.

It is impossible to have the idea of God and world and the physical body in deep sleep. Therefore, whatever idea of god, haven, paradise, hell, karma, and sin evil religion one has only in waking or dream. When the Waking experience subsides, as soul or consciousness  then there is nothing exists other than soul or consciousness.

Therefore, one has to verify and satisfy himself before accepting anything as truth by analyzing through  deeper inquiry, analysis and  soul-centric reasoning  in order to get un-contradictable truth.

Whatever one speaks of religion, God and world are based on the waking entity (false self) and within the waking experience(false experience). The waking experience itself is falsehood on  the standpoint of the  formless soul or consciousness , the innermost self. Therefore, whatever, seen, known, believed  and experienced  as truth in waking experience is bound to be falsehood.  Thus all intellectual arguments based on the false self are not truth.