Sunday, November 28, 2010

Limiting the mind to physical entity is cause of duality.

Deeper self search  reveals :-

 The mind appears as Waking or dream. Limiting the mind to physical entity is cause of duality. The duality causes ignorance. Ignorance causes the illusion. Illusion is the cause for experiencing the duality as reality.

The man and the world is mere experience. They cease to exist without the soul/spirit, which is the true self.  But the soul/spirit can exist with or without the duality. The mind is only an experience. This proves that the man and the world are mere experience. If there is no mind then there is no experience. Until one thinks mind is self he is bound to believe the birth, life and death as reality.

Once the birth, life and death are accepted as reality the physical existence becomes his base of reasoning.  Trying to know and assimilate the truth on the physical base is impossibility. Seeker of truth has to rectify the reasoning base from form to formless to unfold the mystery of the mind.  Only when one learns to view and judge the three states on the standpoint of soul/spirit the truth will starts unfolding on its own. 

The Witness is apart from the three states. The mind which appears and disappears is only a myth. The witness is in its   formless non-dual true nature in deep sleep. The deep sleep cannot be taken as soul/self, because it has been identified as deep sleep on the base of the physical body.

On the standpoint of soul the three states are unreal. On the standpoint of the physical self, the three states are reality. Therefore, there is no use of seeking truth on the base of physical self. Since the physical self, world concept of god and religion are present only in illusion.