Sunday, November 28, 2010

The visions, miracles of god can be experienced only in the illusion.

The visions, miracles of God can be experienced only in the illusion.  There is neither world, nor person, nor does his belief of God exist in non-dual reality. Therefore, all the ideas of God and visions and miracles are within the Waking experience is falsehood because the  Waking experience itself is falsehood when one becomes aware of the fact that the self is not physical.
The Waking experience itself is non-existent when the self remains in its formless non-dual true nature. When the witness, which witnesses the three states when it becomes aware of its formless non-dual true nature then the experience of duality melts and becomes one with it. 

Whatever seen ,known,believed and experienced as as visions are reality on the base of waking entity but waking entity is false self within the false experience. Any type of experience is bound to be falsehood because experience implies duality and duality is falsehood because duality is created out of single stuff,which is consciousness, the innermost self.