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Adyatmic Discussions-6

The man who speaks about god, scriptures and religion is not

By : Santthoshkumaar Kumaar on Feb 07, 2011 | Views (45) | Responses (2)

Many people are struck with awe or reverence at the outer indications of renunciation, and thus blindly accept a man to be a Gnani. The two have no connection. Because he has no wife, no family, and no possessions" they think man who has merely repressed these desires as though these things had anything to do with wisdom, he is mere religious man. People are quite incompetent to judge who is a Gnani between god men, intellectuals, and yogis. A Gnani is neither god men, nor a yogi, nor an intellectual.

The man who speaks about god, scriptures and religion is not a Gnani. A yogi who speaks about yoga is not a Gnani. A God man who indulges in miracle is not a Gnani. An intellectual who argues on his own speculated theories is not a Gnani. A Gnani is the one who guides people towards the the source of the mind or physical existence is real Gnani. A Gnani never claims himself a teacher nor does he accept any one as disciple.

The first step is of knowing “Self" is not physical but it is formless consciousness. The second is to know the consciousness is ultimate truth, the "whole." Then alone he knows truth and wisdom, i.e. the whole truth. Consciousness as Self is the key that opens the door of ultimate truth. This understanding is certainly necessary at the first stage, when the mind is wandering. At the end the mind gets stilled and knows its formless essence and becomes one with it. Then there is no witness nor witnessed everything is one and the whole.

The formula "What is I?" presupposes the existence of an ‘I’. But this is only an assumption. Before proceeding to act on such a formula one ought first to inquire whether there is such a thing as an ‘I’.

Those who have been baffled by unsuccessful enquiry, reading, intellection, have to find out what are the obstacles on the way what is blocking them from grasping, understanding and assimilating the non-dual truth.

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Ram Ram
Feb 07, 2011 at 07:01 pm
Dear and divine.... true and good post...

People are searching God in telephone directories not knowing to lift the receiver to hear dial tone which is the God....
love all...
Santthoshkumaar Kumaar
Feb 09, 2011 at 01:39 pm
Drar Ram Rmaji,

I respect your views.

Puppet made of salt‏

Once upon a time there was a puppet made of salt who had traveled a long time through dry and desert places until one evening he came upon a sea which he had never before seen and didn't know what it was.
The puppet asked the sea: "What are you?"
"I am the sea" it replied.
"But" the puppet insisted "What is the sea".
"I am".
"I don't understand" said the puppet made of salt.
"I want very much to understand what I can do to know you!"
The sea replied "That's easy, touch me!"
The salt puppet timidly touched the sea with the tip of his toes. At that moment he realized that the sea began to make itself perceptible, but at the same time he noticed the tips of his toes had disappeared.
"What have you done to me?" he cried to the sea.
"You have given a little yourself to understand me" the sea replied.
Slowly the salt puppet began to walk into the sea with great solemnity as though he were about to perform the most important act of his life. The further he moved along, the more he dissolved but at the same time he had the impression that he knew more and more about the sea.
Again and again the puppet asked "What is the sea?" until the wave covered him completely. Finally, when he got completely dissolved and got one with the water, he exclaimed, "The sea is me"