Monday, April 4, 2011

If there is Brahman-—prove it. If there is Atman--prove it right here right now.

When one is not aware of the fact that that, the true self is not waking entity but the formless knower of the three state than  how can he  say , he  knows the existence of  God, which is mere assumption based on the false self within the false experience.  Thus whatever one see, knows, believes and experiences as a person of the world, within the waking experience is bound to be false hood.
Without the knowing the fact that, self is not the form but the self is formless it is foolish to argue, judge and conclude on the base of the form [waking entity], which is not the self.
Without knowing what is Self, holding ‘I’ or ‘I Am’ as self because they have read it or someone has told them or they think it is ultimate truth without verification through deeper inquiry, analysis and sound reasoning is mere assumption or speculation. Such assumptions and speculation blocks one from realizing the non-dual truth fueling the egocentricity.
No one can honestly say that he knows the ultimate truth unless he is soul centric. Yet mystics’ god men glibly say, "I know God."  And “I AM GOD.
If there is Brahman-—prove it. If there is Atman--prove it right here right now. So called Religious philosophy dogmatically assumes both.
The god who appears to the mystic in meditation or penance is mere hallucination because whatever is known, seen, believed and experienced as a person within the waking experience is falsehood because waking experience itself is falsehood. From ultimate standpoint there is no value for such claim.  
When one does not know truth, than he can only guess, imagine, hence doubts and questions and discussions arise.
One says God is Light.  Again the light may take different colours,then which colour is correct? Some people contend that God is sound and say one hears the Aum sound, sound inside in meditation, still others say God is in the form of fragrant smell and that beautiful scent comes in meditation as the presence of God. All these differences of opinion, they can be endless, show mutual contradiction and general error, i.e. lack of certain truth. Moreover if one sees a light he is seeing a second thing, or duality.  Where there is duality there is no reality.
God is impotent, incompetent or lacking in intelligence--if he exists! But all god propagated by belief systems are nothing but imaginations.
There is nothing so absurd which men have not worshiped in religion, every imaginable face has been given to God.  If god is creator then it is foolish to worship anything as god from his creation because the creation is apart from the god. 
One has to know ‘What is truth?’One cannot get rid of it by shutting his eyes to it. It is only by inquiry, analysis and reasoning one becomes aware of ‘what is truth?’ and “what is not truth’.
 Every belief system has its own idea and conviction of god.  Thus every belief system is based on the false self.  Therefore, whatever is based on the false self has to be falsehood? Thus the idea of god of any belief system has is mere assumption and speculation based on the false self.
It is foolish say I know god and he is everywhere because he has read it or heard from someone.  How does he know God and how does he know that he is everywhere? Appearances and quotations have nothing to do with ultimate truth.
The difference between knowledge: -   that knowledge will be determined by the nature of the object to be known, whereas meditation will be determined by the nature of the meditator.