Sunday, April 10, 2011

In illusion the self is in burden and bondage. In reality it is free from all burden and bondage.

In illusion the self is in burden and bondage. In reality it is free from all burden and bondage. One cannot understand what is truth, because of the physical awareness. One when one becomes aware of the fact that the physical existence is mere mirage through wisdom one becomes aware of the fact that there is no second thing exists other than the soul, which is in the form of  consciousness. Thus consciousness alone is real and all else is mere mirage created out of consciousness.
Consciousness the true Self is hidden and pervades in everything and everywhere in the three states as their formless substance and witness; but it is seen by Gnanis through their one—pointed and subtle intellects.
seeker should understand the fact that, all the  experiences of the three states  are created out of Consciousness.
Seeker has to arise! awake and learn to know the fact that, the experience of  duality [waking/dream] is created out of Consciousness, without understanding this fact , there is no unity in diversity. The path of truth is like the sharp edge of a razor, so it is hard to tread and difficult to cross without perfect understanding and without perfect reasoning.  
Having realized Consciousness as self , which is soundless, intangible, formless, undecaying and likewise tasteless, eternal and odourless; having realized that which is without beginning and end, beyond and unchanging—one is freed from experiencing the duality as reality.
It is through Consciousness that one perceives all objects in sleep or in the waking state. Having realized the vast, all—pervading Consciousness, one enters into non dual tranquility.
He who knows the soul as true self, the formless  witness  of  the three states, as Consciousness, free from experiencing the  past ,present and the future as reality.
True self  is undistorted Consciousness. One who meditates on Consciousness alone  is free from experiencing the pain and pleasure as reality, liberated from the bonds of ignorance; he becomes free from experiencing the diversity as reality.
The soul,  which is in the form of consciousness when identifies with the body and  the universe dwelling in it by experiencing the duality as reality. If it is torn away from the body and the universe  , is freed from it, what then remains?  Whatever prevails is the true self,which  non dual Consciousness.
The soul, which remains awake and   witnesses all the three states which comes an goes in succession .   Soul  indeed is the pure awareness without the body and the universe it  alone is called the Immortal. All three states are contained in Consciousness and none can pass beyond.